Monday, August 31, 2009

2 Posts to go.... Bug Can

I had to make a little bug can too. I used all SU products. I used choc chip cardstock and rolled it and inked it up, to resemble the branches. The grass inside, is paper cut into strips, then crimped. I cut strips of paper and fringed it and then glued it all around the outside of the can to make more grass. There is a caterpillar on the outside of the can too.
The dragonflies are stamped on designer paper, cut out and crystal effects are all over them. The leaves are also crimped...
I showed my mom, she thought it was real until she looked close at the branches. I take that as a good thing!! The lid and handle have tags on them that say, "Hunter's Bug Jar" for Hunter, as he is my bug collector... (Jade has to have a bug collection for freezer is getting bugs in it, as he has to follow his teacher's advice to the T....bugs in my freezer...)but that's another story.
Hope you like my bug jar!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

3 More Til Blog Candy!! Scrapbook Page...Moments

I went to a sort of scrapbooking class one day. It was an all day thing and I was very happy to go to it. I took a friend and we had a ball. Well, the teacher had a great idea, she was making an album, about the 50 moments that matter most. We were all supposed to make the same pages. Well, you know how I feel about that. So, I sat down to make my page. I used most of her elements that she had, like the pink on the black. However, I had to do my own thing, and so there is a butterfly on my front page and dotted circle covering the the 50 moments that matter... I have never done a scrapbook page that is a 12 by 12, and only showcased one photo on it. I still feel guilty. I think it looks nice. But, my, what a waste of space!!!
Here is my second page I came up with. Of course, this page is all mine, as the instructor went on to make little 6 by 4 pages for the rest of the book. ( I made them too, but waaaay different from her's and she was a little miffed...hmmm)
Anyways, this page is of my boys, we were taking a drive one day, and ended up at Mack's Inn, in Island Park (West Yellowstone) My boys had their suits, so off they went into the river to play. You can wade across the whole river, so it was nice to let them be boys in the river and to try and catch all the minnows.
I also thought, Wow. I can scrapbook in pink with the boys!!

Friday, August 28, 2009

4 More to go!! Slider Halloweener!

Only one card today! It is a penny slider card. I had to do this card in the new Razzleberry color from SU. I just love it when the witch flies across the page!
Even though you can't see it really good from here, the fence and witch is stamped in black, the house and moon in razzleberry, the trees are stamped in Eggplant and the clouds are sponged in eggplant too.
I used my gel pen to make lights in the window.
Halloweeners gettin closer!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

5 More to go! Mother Chipboard Book

This may be a long post!! This is the "Mother" book I made. I made it out of chipboard, I cut all the letters out myself, spacing them so that you could read the word. I made a "Father" one too, but this one is mine! (Yes, being selfish, I make everything for everyone, so why not something for me?) Remember this paper? Yep, had to use it again. I really, really liked it!
Anyways, here is what the book looks like closed.
It was hard to find ribbon for it, because it is not red, or pink, it is coral and mauve/maronish..
Here is the MO page... That's me! Long hair, long gone now!!

The OT page, its David..

The TH page, its Jade

The HE page, of course is Hunter.

This is the inside of the E page.

This is the inside/outside of the R page. I couldn't get them both in the camera and you have a good look at what they looked like.
I sponged brown on all of the edges, and then did white gel pen around all of the letters too.
The names I cut with my cuttlebug, I cut them out in Cream. The lable plates, I also cut my own out of chipboard, and then put brads through the ends.
I had a lot of fun finding photos, and decorating.
Hope you like my book!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

6 More to go... Decorated Music Box

Hi All!! 6 More posts til Blog Candy!! I hope you are as excited as I am!
I wanted to share with you today, a little music box that I made. I found the box in a scrapbook store in Chicago (Windy City Scrapbooking) when I visited there a few years ago. I made everyone a bunch for Christmas then. Then someone saw my box and asked me to make them some. So, not knowing if they still had them, I called the Chicago store, and they did! They shipped them right quick to me, they were great! Inside this box is a music player. You wind it up and it spins the barrel cylinder, it has raised bumps and it twangs the metal comb, and is a really pretty music song. (I know I murdered the description and I should have taken a pic of the inside...) But, the music player is covered in a clear layer, so you can put cards or buttons or whatever inside the box.
This is the box I made for myself, I fell in love with this paper! I found it at a scrapbook convention and had to have some of it.
Here is the side view of it, I decorated it with some ric rac that my grandma left to me, when she moved out of my house. So, my box has a little of grandma on it too!
I am going to enter it into the fair, as a decorated tin!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

7 more to go...mermaid post

Ok, everyone is doing punchies. SO, I had to try this sweet little mermaid that I've been seeing, of course, I changed her a little so she is all mine!
The oval for her body is actually an egg punch. I liked the contours on the side. Plus, the heart and flowers on her body, are punches from Making Memories.
The small ovals, circles, scallop circles and hair flower, are all SU's punches.
I drew a wave pattern, then copied it two more times. I cut them out and inked up the ends with white pigment ink to look like foam. I also sponged a few clouds to give it a little dimension.
The saying is also a SU saying. It came from the Thanks a Bunch stamp set.
Hope you like my version!

Monday, August 24, 2009

8 more to go!

My mom is an incredible artist. She oil paints and sculpts. She has made some phenomenal things. Mostly she does outdoor things, she loves bears, so most of her sculptures are of bears, and Native Americans when they receive their spirit guides. Well, I have tried this sculpture thing, and the clay she uses, is not friends with me. I am more the fimo and sculpty type girls. So, one day I was crying to her that I wanted a hippo sculpture. So, being the awesome mom she is, she made me one! Here is my little guy! He stands about 8 inches tall, and probably that wide!
See her cute little behind?

Side view of my baby.

Close up of her snoopy.
She is one of a kind! I was so excited to get her. SO, because she is a Hippo, I had to share her with you. Hope you like her!
Oh...and if you ever need a sculpture, let me know, my mom does commission work!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

9 More Posts to go!!

I couldn't resist more Halloweenie stuff. My friend Joani, she made some cute little coffin Halloween cards. Hers are 3D. I took her pattern, enlarged it a little, and made the one side on a fold so that it was a card. Here is my first little spooky coffin! How can you not love his eyeball flowers?
Inside of it, I embossed a bat and stamped Happy Halloween.

My next little Dracula, is from the Booglie Eyes set. I find them so funny.

Here's the inside of it.

Make some coffins!! They are fun!
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Saturday, August 22, 2009

10 More Posts til Blog Candy!!

Thursday, was my dad's birthday. He is retired now, but his hobbies are gardening, woodworking and silver/Goldsmith plus rock hounding. He has tremendous collections and all sorts of fun machines that he makes jewelery on. (So happy to be his only daughter, as I get a lot of jewelery!! :0) Anyways, he was taking pictures of some of his jewelery and specimens and I got an idea for his birthday present. I made him a photo albums where he can put his photos to show clients and things. Sort of like a portfolio. So here it is. I did it in navy blue and sky blue with silver accents.
Its covered in Mulberry paper. The stars are embossed on it in silver. Although you can't see it up close, the words are cut out from my cuttlebug and are done in silver glitter paper.

Anyways, he really loved it. Inside are those album sheets that are 6 photos side by side. And I put dividers in, like Rings, Bracelets, Buckles, Necklaces etc.

Friday, August 21, 2009

11 More posts to go!

Yesterday was the first day back to school for my boys. You can see how bright eyed and bushy tailed they are this day! They were both very excited. Jade is in 7th this year. The big men in his school. Hunter is in 4th. He was a little nervous, as his teacher is a brand new teacher this year and he hadn't met her yet. I'll tell you a funny, later in the post...
This is their better side...

This is what we did all summer long. Jade is the ref and Hunter plays. I got them both in this pic, however, neither one of them is really doing anything in it..

The Ref

The player, being held on the side line, because he had to take a breather from the game and he didn't want to. He is a Striker or Forward, and he usually plays the whole game, but he is really tired when its over. Here, he has already scored 3 goals, and was taken out for a breather.
I have to tell you...Hunter came home from school, and when he got ready for bed, he came back up the stairs crying. He didn't want to go to school tomorrow. His teacher is new. I said, what's wrong with that? She will have exciting new things to show you and this should be a really fun year, you get to learn all about Idaho.
He said, That's the Problem!! She is a brand new teacher just out of college, and she came from UTAH!!
Needless to say, we explained to him she would be more than capable to teach him about Idaho.
The mind of a fourth grader.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

12 More posts to Blog Candy...

Yep. 12 more posts to go. I am getting excited, and want to do something everyday!! Here is a Halloweener card I made. I tried out my new embossing folder from Cuttlebug. Love it! I have had it for a while, but never used it. It makes such deep grooves in the paper. Mmmmm!
The stamps I used, get this, were from the dollar bin!! I got them at the dollar bin from JoAnn Fabrics. I love that dollar bin!! They had the best vintage Halloweener stuff ever!
Dang scanner got it crooked and I was too lazy to scan again... Here is another pink share to match yesterdays. I didn't have any brown brads, so I tried someones trick I heard from punch the paper, for these, I punched 3 each. Then you glue them with crystal effects, and make a dome on the top one. It worked really well and I was pleased!!
Have a great Wednesday! We are having Nana & Pa day today! (school starts tomorrow!!)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Shades of Pink

I figured, if I can do a blue share, I can do a pink share. And yes, I have trouble with pink too..and brown. Blue,Pink and Brown...oh well. So I'm trying. I am making a few cards to enter into the State Fair here...and I need some sympathy, get well cards.. Here is what I came up with.
Here is the second. I am really trying to use my Top Note too... since I bought it, I have to justify having it. Its taking me some getting used to. It seems everyone is using it. Which reminds me of a saying my mom always told me... "If everyone was jumping off a bridge, would you do it too?" So, I guess this time, you could say, I jumped too. Hope my shares are as good as all of the others!!
Don't forget Blog Candy!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Shades of Blue

Ok. You know how I have problems with blue. But it seems that I needed blue today. So here are a couple of my shares! The top card, I wanted a shaker with the stars in the moon. It was hard to get the moon, moon shape with the way the stamp was, so I settled for square. I tore papers to resemble clouds and I stamped the back with swirls and stars in versamark and then colored over with gold powder.
This one was for little boys. I cut the corner off of the card, then folded it back, you will notice, that the opening is backwards. You open from the left instead of the right. Anyways, there is a shaker on it too. I has a frog in it and stars and blue and green beads.

This is how it looks from the inside.
I know that they are old sets from SU, but... I still love them!!
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