Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Things I've been working on....

Since its been awhile, there have been a lot of things I have done, but haven't shared.  I will try to share a few with you.
 First, I have been taking Marker and Pencil classes over at Kit and Clowder.  I love her!  So this is my first card I made using one of my classes.  Just below is the leaves in one of my classes, and my first attempt at markers.  Everyone is using Copic markers, but I have not the $ for them, so I am trying my luck at Spectrum Noirs.  The are a little different, they have a bullet nib instead of a brush,  and the ink is more pigmented, but I think I did ok.
 Here is my second go at this marker business.... the image here is from Marcella stamps.
 Since I've been gone, my son has gotten a dog.  Her name is Natasha Gorgongorski.  She is a miniature schnauzer.  She is darling.

 These are some little egg carriers that I made for Easter.  I used cad-bury miniature eggs in them.

Hope you like!

Thursday, August 24, 2017


We were in direct path of totality for the eclipse!  They kept giving hype about it saying that 500,000 people were going to come.  I didn't believe it, but a lot of people did come.  My cousin who lives 50 miles away, took her over 41/2 hours to get home afterwards.
The strangest thing though is our neighbors across the street left and when they did, some random people pulled up and onto the middle of their lawn to watch the eclipse....okaaaay.  They left as soon as it started to come out of totality.
SO, I don't have a fancy camera, but here is what I got.
 Shadows from the leaves, before totality, and then the double shadow of myself.

 Hunter, ready for it, but not enthused.

 Just for fun, my hubby acting like the poser, because he got his canoe loaded....

 Very silent all around.  The dogs stopped barking, the chicken started roosting.  It was this color 360 degrees around us. Then the neighbors started shooting shot guns, and the other neighbors started fireworks...and everyone was whooping and hollering.  People are so weird.

 My weirdo's staring at the eclipse....

 Leaves after totality.

Hope you like!

Treat Boxes

Hi!  I was asked to make a handout for RS, and I had a little game for them to play also.  The game is 20 questions about Ice Cream.  So, I thought these little boxes would be really fun to do.

They are about an inch and a quarter square.  You make them with the envelope punch.  You can find the directions I used here.  I used sucker sticks as the handles instead of straws.  I also punched a little teeny tiny set of cherries out of my paper to use on the stick, so that they just don't fall through when you make them.
I used paper from Stampin Up! that was retired, about 2 years or more ago I think.  Probably more, I liked the paper so well I hoarded some.... and thought this would be perfect to use some!
Then I made some with the retired paper just this year, with peaches and flowers on it.

I punched a little flower to use on the handle.  I also used those beads you get for putting in your glass jars for decorating.  I got a bunch of them in all colors, I like the black ones for teeny tiny flower centers.
There's a pile of them!
Hope you like!