Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Scones & Teacher Appreciation

My best friend always makes her kids Indian Taco's for dinner. My family loves scones and I though, well, I'd give it a try. So, I pulled out my Aunt T's bread recipe...you can find the recipe here. And made up some dough. I put them on two pans instead of one, and let them rise for a bit. Then I made the scones...
Big and fluffy and hollow! Yeah! The boys and hubby stuffed themselves. I don't like deep fried things, so I didn't eat them! But they did! There was two left over (three of them... do the math how many they ate...) and with the leftover ones tismorning, Hunter ate them! (Kid's gotta be sick!) Anyways, thought I would share the scones with you!
I've been working on over a dozen projects, and here is another one completed! It is another Teacher Appreciation one for said best friend above... Remember how everyone was making the test tube holders? Well, I though that this would be cool for crayons. I just simplified the box, and put a crayon in them!

Here's a couple closer to view.

Here is the side view of one of them. See, I just left the sides off of them. The tags read, "You "color" our children's lives! Thanks for all you do!"

Here is a sneak peak of another one of the projects I am working on...it is also a Teacher Appreciation thing.... Her girls though that it was real gum...
So, I'm off to finish a project today, hopefully!!

Hope you like!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Asian, Mother's Day

So some of the neighbor girls decided to have a card swap. They asked me if I would join in. How could I not? So, there is no theme, which always makes it harder, but Mother's Day is coming up and I got some new Cuttlebug Embossing folders to try! I found a set of 8 Asian themed embossing folders...I love this cherry blossom one!
So I made my card, had something in mind, and it wasn't working that way, so I turned my card on its side, and rearranged...Here are my cards. I couldn't decide whether I liked the oval sign,
Or the fancy square one, so I made equal amounts of both. The Asian coins I found at a bead store in town, they were in a clearance bin. I got 12 coins for 50 cents. They had square ones and then they had some Mexican coins too, so I got those too...
Here's the inside of my card. The card base is Cameo Coral, then the embossing plate is on the pirouette pink, the decorative paper is from SU too, and the punch... the Asian woman is Paper Inspirations...my oval and square are spellbinders... The word in the punch says" Beautiful" and it and the cherry blossom stamp are from SU...

Hope you like!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Chickie & Recipes

I got some peanut butter recipes!! Love Peanut Butter! And do you know what? My oldest son told me the other morning, that he does not like peanut butter! How can you be a kid and not like peanut butter? It must be my hubbies genes. :0)
Well, here is the first one, It got kinda cut off on the bottom, but its for PB Cups. I ended up sponging the center flower really dark, as I wanted it to resemble the cup with a bite taken out of it. It looks better darker. I used my wheel for the background and versa mark ink.
Here's Dilly and Dally! They are 3 days old in this picture! Cute buggers huh! I can't wait for the white stripy feathers to start to get bigger. Their little wings are starting with them! They were sitting in my lap here and fell asleep.
You know when you have a layout in mind... you do all the work for it, it is involved, and then you put it together and you go... what was I thinking?? Well, this is one of those layouts. I did all the punching of the fruit, the shading, the rhinestones...YUCK!!!

So, I redid the layout, same color, but with an Asian twist. I like it much better this way!

That's all today... So 2 projects down..8 more started and need to finish!! Hope you like!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Newest members of our family...

The newest members! They were born yesterday!! Here is Dally. She is blonder on the head...
Here is Dilly! She is a little darker on the head. Hunter promptly dropped her too, so we are watching her to see if she is a resilient little thing. Cross your fingers for her!

Dilly and Dally in their box, under the heat lamp. Cute little munsters huh! They are fluffy footed chickens. When they grow up, they will be white with black and white striped feathers, and fluffy feet! They said they were Bantas.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Wicked Cute Album!!!

I went to a scrap/crop all day today. We took most of the day to make this Wicked Cute Album! It is stinkin cute! Amanda designed it from ETM. It opens from the top, and from the side. I like that all the pages are not uniform and that there is so many clear pages!
It is supposed to be a Energy Album, on the large side, you journal, put pictures of what makes and gives you good energy, and on the other side, negative things that you can change to make the bad energy good... I just like the album! Here is the cover of it. The bird is a transparency.
You flip the top page, and this is what is under it.

This bird is also a transparency, so you can see the pink underneath.
This is the small side, it opens to the right.
Here is a shot of the pink underneath. I love ric rac!

The small side...

Flip the large side again, here is the next page.

Here is the lower page, but I had to take a closer shot of the bling. I can't tell you how I am a rhinestone freak! There is a circle on the opposite of it too...black and white polka dot.

Here is the short side.

This is also the short side, next set of pages, it has one that you can
pull out and write in, kinda of a double page.

Here is the next pages of the big side.

Kinda neat that there is this little page with a quote in the middle.

You flip it, and you get a second quote.

Plus this black page, with the heart and flower.

Short side, transparency tab.

Large side, with a tab, and small page.
Like the bling on the short side???

This is still the large side, small tab flipped. There are hearts in the centers
of the buttons.
Then there is this scrolly paper... has textured dots on it.

Short side!

Big and short side together. The one is smaller, and then there
is the buttons on the short side. :-)

The big and small again, the black scrolly is a transparency.

A transparency on the large side, but you can see underneath to the pink hounds tooth.
It has some bling on it. I had to put bling on the short side too...

Second to the last page on the large side. Almost there!!

Under it was a pull out page too, with a black scallop.

This bird is the last page we made. Under it is polka dot paper, you could use
it to put lots of pictures on. The whole album is 10 1/2 by 7 inches big.

Lots of work!!! But I think that it turned out really nice!
Hope you like too!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

St. Patrick's Day Post

Ok, had to share what happened on St. Patrick's Day. My kids love that day and it is the day before my youngest's birthday. They both have names that mean some shade of green, so they are into this day! Well, the first thing that happened, was the leprechauns painted their toenails green in their sleep!
Then they came up for breakfast, and somehow, when mom put the eggs and ham in the frying pan, it turned green! She got the milk out of the fridge, and it was green too! Their breakfast looked like this!
Not sure I would have ate it, but they loved it!
Then I made some cakeballs for dessert for that night. We were having company over who had never had Corned Beef and Cabbage? WHAT? Yep. So we indoctrinated them, and now they love it too!
Hope you had a great St. Patrick's!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Teacher Appreciation...eraser

Teacher appreciation. A bunch of erasers. My friend asked me to make things for teacher appreciation week at her kid's school. So, I am. Earlier I made gum holders... but this is for erasers!
I cut the tags for the back with the oval punch, then cut out the saying with the word window.
Here are a bunch of the tags I used. SU used to have tag pages you can buy. This is one of the shapes. You can also purchase this shape from sizzix.

Here is one of the little finished teacher appreciation gifts!

This is a side view.

This is the back. The saying says, You can't "erase" the facts. We appreciate all you do!

Here is the pile of 50 I made!

Hope you like!!