Saturday, May 29, 2010

May Swap

I have been joining in a lot of swaps lately... I love getting new ideas, and since I have quit has been fun getting punched cards, cut outs and all sorts of other ideas. So here is a card swap I was in for the Month of May. I think some are pretty cool!
This one, I like the belly band idea.
This one is cute, I think I would have liked it better if the friend part was torn like the front was..but still, a very cute card.
Here's the inside.
I gotta love any sewing on cards. I am too lazy to do that...

This one would be cute for a boy's b-day party!

I love bugs of any kind!

I had this stamp set, but sold it...bummer, really cute card!

This is great for last day of school, or back to school!

This one is a cute one too, especially for Father's day.

Here's the inside...

Hope you like!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Cupcake Swap

I joined in a fun recipe swap! It was Cupcakes! I just got them back, here is my recipe, although a strawberry is missing from the side of the cupcake...its there, just not in this picture....
I love this one! I want the apple pattern! Plus, I must try it out!
Jade is a blueberry freak, so we will be trying the blueberry and cream cupcakes too...
This one sounds fun, cupcakes from a punch bowl!

Jade is chocolate naturally, we will be trying these too.

I love pistachio pudding. I hate pistachio nuts... but I think a pistachio cake will be great!

Who doesn't love Rum???

Jade will try this one too, I'm sure now that summer is here and he gets to expand on the cooking skills!

And this one. We gotta try this one!

Fun swap huh!
If you want to join in a recipe swap, head on over to SCS, I'm hosting one over there too, for It's National What Day? Its for recipes for that odd national day of the month! I need a couple more players so go and check it out!
Hope you like!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Covered Wagon, & Frog Swap

Hunter's in 4th grade and it was time for his Idaho History project. He came home all excited about doing it, and had his mind made up that he was going to do a covered wagon. Well, we filled out the list and he took it back to school, and yeppers! He got to do the covered wagon.

I went to the craft store and got a few things for him...So he put together this really cute little wagon and then did the background presentation. Can't tell that he's proud can you? I think its the first real smile for a photo in a long time!!
He then went outside and took some pictures of the trees in bloom. This is the crab apple tree...
Here is a better shot of the corner in the back, it has the lilacs and then the apple tree & maple.

Saturday I went to a crop. I got caught up on some of my swaps... here is my froggy cards.

Hope you like!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

My Auntie's Gift

One of my cousins is having a baby. Her first. It is such a special time for her, her mate and her family. She has been sharing her journey with family and friends. Well, I wanted to share something with her mom, my Aunt. She loves homemade things, so I though she would like a album just for her, for her new grand baby that is coming.
They affectionately call the new little one yet to be born, Peanut. So I made a Peanut Gallery.
I was wondering what patterns to put on it, when I came across the Three Little Pigs paper! That was it, it was kinda muted tones, and I had some really good Bazzil to go with it! I gather from the things my Aunt makes, that she likes tea dyed and stuff, so I antiqued the edges with brown.
Here's a close up of the first couple of letters. The tag with the piggy says on the back, "Peanut Gallery"

Here's the side of the P_E_A and part of the N... you can kinda see parts of some of the pictures I put in, but those are her pictures, and for her....if she wants to share she can...
So here's the A-N-U-T... I had such a fun time making the album. I am hoping she likes it half as much as I had fun giving it to her!!
Hope you like!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

6X6 scrap swap share

I joined in an alpha recipe swap on SCS. It was fun making my pages, I made two... but it was more fun getting all the recipes back!! So I am sharing with you the pages I got back!
The D page is mine...

How cute is the pig?

I love the lime paper!

this one is my favorite.... I love the grilled sandwich she made!

Mine was the X

Totally fun huh!! Hope you enjoyed them!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

May's Recipes...

I didn't show you May's Recipes for ETM! Here they are! I had a great time with these two, I really, really liked the colors in this first one. I like the soup too...
Here's the second one. I had to use these little fat owls. Plus this recipe is a new one for my family, but one we are really liking! Asparagus and Cheese, especially with wild asparagus coming out every where, it's a good one to try!
Hope you like!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cased Card, Vintage Vogue

While I was in a casing moment, I cased the card we made in class, (two posts down) I did it in pinks and browns. Because... So first I found me some DP that was hanging out. I cut them in 1 inch strips and they are on the sides. The second strip is the middle one, and I didn't have the cute lace punch, so I used the open scallop one.
For my word strip, I cut 1/2 inch strip and then punched the ends with the same punch. I cut a 3/4 inch brown, tied the ribbon around it. For the flowers, I stamped them from the Vintage Vogue set. The little ones I used the rocking technique to get the dark outer edges.
The stem underneath comes from a saleabration stamp set, from a long time ago! The butterfly is from Bugs & is just the right size though, and I like that butterfly!
Hope you like my version!