Thursday, April 28, 2011

Bottle Caps

Bottle Caps! I don't know why we love them. I love them. There is just something about bottle caps that is neat. I collected them as a kid. I have some stashed away in a drawer from dates with boys, I saved the bottle cap. One day we were out junkin, and I found an old glass bottle, filled with bottle caps! Coke ones, Pepsi ones, Root beer...all intact, AND with the corks still inside of them. My mom says as a kid, they used to take the cork out, and put it under their shirts, put the cap on top and pop the cork back in, presto, a neat bottle cap pin to wear!
I just love the dang things. So, I though, hmmmm, bottle cap jewelry? Yep. So I made a few of them... just about 100!!
Here is Cookie! You have to love the cookie monster! (sorry my pic is not clear...not a camera wiz!)
I made key chains.... I used the resin, and my beads... and that old internet find that I had to have almost 11 years ago! It was actually my first ebay win. I won't tell you what it was, that is still my secret!
The Muppets...
Some teddy bears... plus, you must always have a Halloween thing! So some spidies!
Sesame Street was my fav show as a kid. Oscar & Snuffie were my favorite characters. Too bad I couldn't find a small Snuffie!!
but I did find this Zebra...I used some charms and things. I think the necklace turned out pretty well! I made quite a few... they are addicting!
Third batch!
Hope you like!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Recipe Book & Yellowstone

I made some recipe binders the other day. Here is one that I will share with you! It is bright and cheery! (or berry and cherry!) It is 8 1/2 by 5 1/2 inside.... The cover is 8 3/4 by 7... Anyways, the binder itself is a bright green.
So here is the cover...
This is the spine..
I will show you the dividers...each one has a tab on the side to help find them, behind them is a double folder so you can put recipes you copy off the internet or friends give them to you. The tabs are the tops of shipping tags, there are shipping tags in the design...Soups and salads...
desserts...Here is what the double folders look like. This is the back of one, the front of it is the same, so pretty big pockets. Plus, if you wanted you could use the page protectors and put recipes in that way too...
So, while I was home making the book, Hubby went to Yellowstone National Park with his sister. There is still a lot of snow there! Check it out!
Here's Old Faithful going off...
And the best thing I think he saw in Yellowstone all day, was this little girl! She even sat and posed for her picture!!
Hope you like!

Thursday, April 21, 2011


Sorry for the delay in posting. But sometimes the things you are working on take a while to finish! So, really, I have been busy. I have been making some more address wallets. It was fun this time because I had made them before, so it went a little faster.
Here is the pile of them!
I made 24 of them, and I am going to show you all of them!! What do you ask happened to the other 15 I made? I sold them! Can you believe it? All in one night! I had some ladies ask me for some more, so that is why I made a bunch more....
Here's the first of them...

And here's the last of them.... I think my favorites are the cherry ones, and one of the striped ones with a blue ribbon. Of course I like a yellow one, a red one, and a purple one too....
Which do you like??

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Little Purses

I was in a card swap the other day and the lady who hosted, sent a little gift in a little box like bag. It was really cute, so I did some modifications and came up with these little purses!
This is the backs of the purses, I secured the opening flap with eyelets.

Here's the back of my favorite purse, it kinda looks oriental to me. I love the oriental look.
Here's the side view of my favorite one. I don't have a handle on this one, I liked it without.
The front of it!
Here's a couple more of them...
two more...
and two more! When you open them up, (I didn't think to take a picture, it is an actual pocket, you can fit a couple of regular size candy bars inside.) You make the purse out of one piece of 12 by 12 decorated paper. (preferably double sided and sturdy)
Hope you like!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week Treats Day 3 & 4

These are my day 3 & 4 for Teacher Appreciation week. This one is a packet, the front and the back of it. Inside the packet, is a pack of Stride Gum.
This is the last project. The goodies are not inside yet, but it will have a Mounds, Peppermint pattie, Kit Kat, Starburst and Laffy Taffy in them when they are packed.
These might look like they were the easiest ones to make for the week. Unfortunately, my computer skills are significantly less than my 14 year old's. So, it took me a couple of days to figure out how to format them on Word. But I did it!!!

Hope you like!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week Treats Day 2

It starts with 50 stamped flowers....
and 50 miniature flower pots.
Add a saying, a packet of seeds and a cute little bag. And you get a cute little Teacher Appreciation Gift!!
All 50 of them!
Hope you like!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week Treats

My best friend is the PTSO president of Ririe. She has been the president for years. She has recruited me as the Teacher Appreciation lady. I don't know how this happens, my kids don't even go to school there! But that's ok. So here is one of the things I made for the week. I was in charge of making 4 items for the teachers.

So, I made 50 of these little baskets...

Here is the front of the basket...
Here is the back of the basket...
This is for day 1 of appreciation week.
Hope you like!