Saturday, April 6, 2013

Baby Banners

It's baby banner time!  Not for me though.  These are for a lady who makes baby diaper cakes.  She wanted something to help promote her business and she asked me to make some banners for her.  This is my first one, and first banner I ever made!
 I love the little clothes idea, and I had a thing full of little clothes pins that went perfect with them
 I used Zelda Letters from Quickutz.
 I also used the round scallops die from spellbinders.
 The patterns were mine, from my head. :)

 Do you love the baby buttons?

 This second banner is a little more traditional... and yes, I know the letters are spelled wrong on the end, but  I redid them and they are right, but didn't get a pic of them before I sent them to her.
 Here's the letters up close.
 The black and white dots are not brads.  They are half circles, found in the plant section of the craft stores.  they come in every color...

 The letters are Tangerine from Quickutz.

It was fun making it, Hope you like it!