Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Creative Day

Both stamp sets are from TAC, also the paper too.

Hmmm... I got to spend time in the Creative Room today! Here are a couple of cards that I made down there! Hope you like them. Still have a few more to go! Hope you like them!

Monday, March 30, 2009


Yep. Monday Morning. My favorite day of the week! I got to work on some stuff last night. The Zebra Card is one of the things I worked on. Several years ago, someone sent me a zebra card with an alphabet on it. I loved it, but in my mind I pictured something else. I wanted to recreate it. So I did. Its not exactly what I wanted, but for now it will do. I'll revamp it later...All the stamps are from TAC. Alpha Grunge and Wild for You. I love that alphabet!

I have to tell you what my friends girls have done again. They keep me laughing! I was making cookies with Maddie and asked her to give me the sugar. She said, sorry Aunt Keerst, I am not allowed to touch the sugar jar. I wish I could type the way she talks. My name has a W in it... so I said, why not? She said, because it was all Abbie's fault. It was her idea. We put sugar all over the floor and slide'd on it like snow. Me, Abbie and Landon! Oh, I says, I see why momma says you can't touch the sugar jar.

I talked to her mom tismorning and told her that...her mom added, well, what she didn't tell you, is that then they decided to make lemonade out of it and poured out packets of that on the floor and then of course, added water... It took her 7 times moping to get the sticky off of the floor.

Twins. Gotta love them!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Sunday Post

I can't believe its been so long since I posted. Well, maybe I can. I went to the movies with my Hubby on Friday, (our date day) and then Saturday, I canned strawberries all day. Posted pic's so you could see. I made 6 batches of jam, froze a bunch of berries and then canned pie filling. Got 14 quarts of pie filling. I had 4 flats of strawberries. Our neighbor is a fruit broker and he was selling the flats for 8 dollars each. Not bad price considering at the grocery store, they were 3 bucks for a quart of them.

We went to the pound too, oh. I should stop myself from going, but I have to see the poor babies. There was this little girl in there, (basset) she was a barking up a storm, so hubby said, no. we can not spring her! Shoot. I would have, still might. So, I included a card made with my Buster Basset stamp!
P.S. Saw Happenings, good show! Saw Monster vs. Alien in 3D, also good show!!

Happy Sunday

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Back to Normal

Well, its back to normal. My own home, my own kids. You have no idea how someone else's kids wear me out! I really love them, but I am a freak when it comes to making sure that everyone is ok, no one is doing something they shouldn't. They are like, AWEEE, Aunt Keerst, why can't we go outside and ... there is always something they want to be doing than what we were doing. But we made cookies and I cleaned up the house, got baths, ate, etc...

I'll give you an example why I go insane... We were all outside, they were jumping on the tramp, they have one that is level with the ground. Abbie says, everyone off! Then she backs clear up to the dropoff of the yard...and takes off running towards the tramp. Watch this Aunt Keerst she says and I have a small heart attack as she launches herself into the air, head first, which barely misses the metal bars of the tramp. She flips over, lands skidding, on her stomach, asking, how was that? I said great job! I'm freezing, we are going into the house! AWEEE, Aunt Keerst, why can't we...

The pic I am sending in today, is of a recipe card I made for a recipe book I have. I joined in a club at expressthemoment.com you can join monthly for scrap kits, card kits or recipe kits. I am doing the recipe one, and I made this one to fill in a blank page I had.

Its my favorite banana bread recipe. Works everytime. You can even use it for pears, peaches or applesause. Try it out!

Monday, March 23, 2009


Hey. Me again. I joined in a swap, it was dragonflies, since that is one of my favorite things, and I collect all stamps with them on, I couldn't wait to make this card.

Unfortunately, you can't see all the colors really well. It kinda blended on the scanner. But the background is sponged orchid opulence, possitively pink and pretty in pink.

Hope you like it.
Today is short, because I am tending my friends twins and little boy. I call him Squirty. He is almost 3. He doesn't talk much, but is a cutie! I have to get them ready for school and the day, the girls go to kindergarten at noon...Their mom is having surgery on her hand...
SO, the short post.

Snow Again??

Yep. It is snowing again out there. Just when you think the sun might poke through and you can hang your laundry on the line again... That is one of my favorite things to do, crazy I know, but I love to hang the wet clothes on the line, smell the cool air and bring them in again when they are all warm from the sun and smelling fresh... I'm just going to have to wait awhile to do it.

Several months ago, there were two black wolves outside when my boys were waiting for the bus. I reported them to F&G, and even got a picture of them, although it is very small. They saw the picture, but you could tell, they didn't really believe me. WELL. A mile from my house they found the two of them. They had killed a goat and a dog. They found they were living in the knowles above where I live. SO now we have to be really careful incase they are coming down this way for food!

Haven't done much today, our electricity has been off since 5:50 tismorning til 2:00 this afternoon. So will try to get more stuff done tomorrow.

Pic is of one of my favorite slider cards.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


I can't believe it's Saturday nite!! But it is. I had to teach school Friday, thus, no post. Today I worked on the TuTu's for Maddie's class and I finished them! Her class gets the multi colored skirts, that is what they picked out.

The pink skirt, is one I made to sell. I thought it was pretty and it makes me wish I was 6 again to wear one and not look silly.

ALTHOUGH... my SIL to my nieces who got one for Christmas... she made the girls take them off and then SHE tried them on. So, I guess I'm not the only one who wants to be little when I see a fluffy skirt!

Hunter...new story... got two pocket knives for his birthday. Now, you have to know Hunter, he is well, a very active child. He also has no pain receptors...or if he does, haven't been turned on. To testify to this, we have been to the ER over 16 times... remember, he turned 9... SO. I'm fixing dinner and he comes running in the house crying. I know you're going to ground me from my knives! I turn to look at him and he is holding his hand. I ask him what did he do? He says, I stabbed myself. He wouldn't let go of his hand, he was afraid he would bleed everywhere. (it was only band aid worthy...)

So Jade, my valedictorian child, he says. Hunter, I am going to buy you a book. Its going to be called, Pocketknives for Dummies. His dad says, what is that son, a stick? Hunter didn't think it was funny, and he seriously wants the book now.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Good Morning. Hope your day is well! Mine has started out great. The sun is shining and the dogs are out sniffin!

Hunter's party seemed to go well, he only got to have two friends, but that is about all I can handle. He had fun. His brother Jade, managed to get to a friends house. The were hunting mice. The snow has melted some and they take a hose and stick it down the mouse holes and wait for a mouse to pop up, then they pop it on the head. (boys are so sick. but I love them anyways.)

Here they are on a snow drift in front of the house.

I'm getting busy today. I am making TuTu's. I made some for my nieces for Christmas. When my friend came over and her daughter Maddie saw them, she was, Oh, Keerst, I want one! So I made Miss Maddie one too! Now Maddie is a twin and when I called over to their house to get a measurement for the band, Abbie was screaming, I don't want no stinkin skirt. Needless to say, Abbie did not get no stinkin skirt. But, Maddie wore her's to dance practice and to make a story short, I am making skirts for all of the girls in Maddie's class. They are Pink, Yellow and Purple and when I finish them, I'll post so that you all can see!

Have a great craft day!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hunter's Birthday!

Today is Hunter's birthday. He is my baby, and he is 9. I so can't believe that. He is so excited to be older. I don't have a problem with me getting older, but dang. It's been 9 years since a baby has been in my home.

I might need to buy a new dog....(hubby says that's what I do when I am baby hungry... we have 3 basset hounds right now...7 chickens, 2 rabbits, 4 frogs, and at present, 5? cats..) I had better stay away from the pound today.

The calendar I posted, its a reverse of the calendars I made earlier. The calendars measure 12 by 12, the header on them is 6 by 12. Each pocket has a pull out that you can write the birthdays or anniversary's on. I made 18 of them for Christmas and sold them. If you would like one, I'll gladly make one for you, in your favorite colors. I sold them for $20.00 free ship!

Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Hey, It's St. Patrick's Day! You gotta love this day. So I am sending you some pic's of items that are green. The little Leprechan, I carved him in rubber. I didn't have any St. Patrick's day stamps and my friend Joani, sent me a card, it had a little head like his, so I carved me one so I would have one. Hope you like him.

The other green card, I stamped in green, embossed with clear. Then I rubbed the whole page with pigment black ink, and covered the whole page in clear embossing powder again, and embossed, the leaves popped out. I liked it, hope you do too.

Now, the Color pictures. Those are from my son, Hunter. He brought home the paper yesterday for the leprechans. I thought it was so cute that he used the corner for a bookmark. I have to scrap this one!! The leprechans came last night. They turned the eggs and milk at our house green, and left little green coins everywhere. Last year, they painted the boys's toenails green!

Something funny yesterday, well, funny to me. Hunter was vacuming, and the light was on the vacume and it wasn't sounding good. So I showed him how to open it to change the bag. He was so, OH Mom! How Heavy Is This?? Yes Hunter, when the bag is full of dirt, it's heavy. No wonder the floor wasn't looking clean and he could hardly lift the vacume to put it away on the shelf!!

Well, Happy St. Patrick's Day to all of you! I am off to finish, the Corned Beef and Cabbage!

Monday, March 16, 2009

My First Post

I wish I knew what I was doing here. So trying again. Maybe it will happen like its suppost to?
I don't know, its a computer, its something new, bound to have something wrong happen!!!

Anyways, hopefully I can post and it will work like I want it too, I've been down creating in my creation room. I made some cards and atc's and some recipe swaps.
Hope you like them.