Friday, April 13, 2012

Finding Good Journal

Over at Express the Moment, they have a new kit. It is a Finding Good Journal. Each quarter you receive 3 two page layouts, each having a pocket in them. For the first time you sign up you also get a scrapbook, and a finding good journaling notebook to use.
So, I journal every Sunday. It helps me to remember what when on during the week and it is helpful to use if you need it to figure out when exactly something happened. So I thought this project would be a great one for me to do. (plus, I asked her to do them! :P)
I went ahead and got the kit. It started with the book, the front page and then April, May and June. The next installment isn't until July of course. It was really nice, it came with color copies of what the layouts looked like and instructions.
I threw those away. :)
I love the challenge of using what I get, and coming up with my own idea. So here's mine!
This is the cover page...
This is April...
Hope you like mine!! Hop over to ETM and check out what they have!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Hershey's Nugget Tins

I found me some tins the other day, and so I got busy doing a project for Easter, I thought I would share with you!
Hershey's Nugget Tins. Here is my favorite one, I love the bright orange color.
These tins hold 12 nuggets. I cut coordinating paper and wrap them around each chocolate and put them in the tin.
I made 15, but I'll only show you a few of them...

Hope you like!!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Umbrella Card

My friend Joani sent me the most beautiful card the other day. I didn't have the same supplies she did, so I used what I had. Not as pretty as her card, but not bad.
I used the new umbrella set from the mini... I colored the umbrella with chalks. The paper is from the sellabration catalog.
So here is mine...
And here is Joani's. She used the paper that went with the set. I love the dark brown on the card and the die cut she used. Don't have the die cut...shoot! But I loved her card.
Hope you like!