Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pop Up Card, Hidden Message Tutorial

Remember for Father's Day I made the card with the clock and stars... I told you I was working on another design and a tutorial on how I did mine. So here goes! Here is my finished card...
So items you need are of course, your paper, cut the main paper hot dog style, 4 1/4 by 11. Your secondary cardstock, you are going to cut 4 3/4 by 3 1/4. I used orange for my primary, safron for my secondary. Then I cut designer paper, 4 1/4 by 2 3/4. You will also need your cutter and scorer, you inks, stamps and you will need tacky tape. It comes in all sizes, and mono would be nice, but doesn't hold as good as the tacky tape, and where you are pulling on the card, it would be best to use it. I used 1/8th inch. Hole punch, circle punch & ribbon are good too.
So, first I stamped my background, I used a wheel. Then I folded it in half.

Here is the underside, you can see where all the measurements are, just in case you get lost and need to remember, here they are!!

Ok, once the card is folded in half, then you are going to take your cutter and cut 3/4th inch in and up to the 4 1/2 mark. Turn your paper and starting at 3/4 inch, cut to the 3 1/2 inch line. This is 3/4 inch away from the edge. Turn your paper again and cut from the 3/4 inch mark to 4 1/2 again. Make sure that you DO NOT cut across the bottom of the card, only cut across where the fold is at. See below picture. The fold is at the bottom of the card, yet the piece cut, opens to the top. Now we are going to score.

Where the bottom of the card is, go in, and score across it, so that you can lift the piece you cut. Then move your piece down, and score on the cut section at 2 5/8's and then score again at 4 1/2. Check out the measurements picture... When you score it, you should be able to bend it this way...see below picture.

Now, on the open edges, cut a half circle, or whatever opening you want, this is where you will grab the insert and pull. Cut both pieces.

Now open up your card and inside, you will put tape on both sides, and across the little 1/4th piece you scored. Do not tape across the bottom of the card, or the top of the card.

Remove the protective film from the tape off of the 1/4inch piece. Take the secondary piece that you cut (mine is yellow) and adhere your decorative paper to it. Now you are ready to adhere it to the tape strip. Place it face down, line it up with the tape.
here I am lifting it up to show you it is taped.

here's a side view.

Now take the protective strips off of the sides, and close the card. When you pull on the secondary piece, it should pull out and look like this...

stamp your message in the open space. Stamp your design and adhere to the front of the card, making sure when you attach it, that you only attach on the bottom piece. Open the card like that so you can be sure of your placement. Punch a hole in the secondary piece and string a ribbon to pull on it.
Card closed...

Card opened and from the side.

Hope you like and you can follow my directions!!


Thursday, June 24, 2010

Pies. I made lots of pies.

I made lots of pies. I made 20 pies and 10 pieces of pie. Let me say, it was a lot harder to make these pies, than it was to actually bake one! Here is my recipe for Rhubarb Pie.... you can see where all my pie went!
Its because my rhubarb plant has exploded. It must be a weed, because I can grow it. That is my only explanation.
Here is a close up of all my little pies!
It gets a little fuzzy here at the end, but my steam is made out of shimmery vellum. I thought it was cool!! :)
Hope you like!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Month recipe shares for swaps

Well, I'm doing recipe's again. I just love the things!! Here are some 6 by 6 shares for you. I joined in some swaps, that was pick a month, and the item of the month, and make a recipe and card to go with it.
So here is my first one, I picked May, and it was BarBQue Month. This is my families favorite recipe for BarBQue. It seems weird, but it's very tasty! (it also works well with ground turkey!)
Next, I worked on an August swap, that had to have cherries in it. So I did Cherry Chocolate Cake. I like this, because its simple and easy!

I like the month swaps!! So here is one for February, and its Moon Pie Trifle. I got the cute little scalloped chipboard from Robert's when they closed. They had packages of the stuff for 10cents! Yep. I picked up about 5 dollars worth!!

If you do February, you need to do March! So I did Corned Beef and Cabbage. My favorite. I love St. Patrick's Day. My kids, not so much. That's because I always make this dish... they are still not used to having the rich meat.... We had the neighbors over for it, and they ate so much I thought that they would be sick that night, but all was well. It made my boys think a little, if they liked it so well, it just might be good... :)

Hope you like these....

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

I saw a really cool card the other day. You pulled a tab, and the center popped up, and underneath was the sentiment. So, I made one for my dad for Father's day. Here is the card with the tab pulled, its a side view.
Here it is looking straight on at it. I stamped the images on decorated paper and cut them out. The gears are popped up too.
Here is the card when it is closed and flat. It was really easy to make. There is another version over on SCS of it. I cut mine different, same effect, I just like to make it simpler. So, I am working on several more of them as I type! When I post them, I will tell you where I cut and how I made them!

Hope you like and Happy Father's Day!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Family Heritage...puppy dog

Hi. I thought I would share with you one of the projects that I have been working on. My aunts asked me the other day to make an album cover for the Family Heritage Album, that they have been working on. It is an album about my grandparents and their kids, and their kids... so, I went to work. This is the cover I came up with. I don't have any pictures of my grandparents, so my aunt was going to get them and put them in the scallop circles. I picked pictures of them when they were 16 & 21....(that's when they got married.) So imagine!!
Here's a closeup of the center, I did the two hearts with their initials on them. Can you believe getting married that soon? She was married at 16, first baby at 17... and she went on to have 9 more children, for a total of 10, and all of them lived. My dad is the second son, third child.
Here is where their pictures would go, if I had some. Which is a good thing we are doing the book, because then I will have pictures of them. My grandma was really cute with finger waves in her hair. I have always wanted finger waves! My grandma had black hair, and my grandpa was a blondie!
Here's a closeup of the bottom, showcasing our family name. It was really hard for me to take my husbands name when we got married. I didn't want to lose mine. But I did it anyways....

Hope everyone likes the cover.... on that side of the family, of course I have the 9 sets of aunts and uncles... but I also have 48 cousins, and I have no idea how many children they have all had, so it should be a fun thing to find out! We are having a family reunion this weekend.

On another note... look at this baby! Is he not a cute little bugger???? My mom just got him as their dog died... The new baby's name is Yo. Murphy. He is a schnoodle. Half schnauzer, half poodle. So he doesn't shed, and where he came from, he was taught not to bark, so he doesn't bark either. However, every once in a while, he lets out a mournful howl. Sounds just like a peacock! He is a really cute fur baby... Mom taught him to fetch and come in 2 days! And.. he is litter trained, as he is in quarantine until he has his last puppy shots!

Cutie huh!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

You know I love recipes!

You know I love recipes, and so here is 4 more to share with you! These are made for ETM, for the recipe kits there. My first is Watermelon shaped Ice Cream... My kids are ice cream freaks, and watermelon freaks, so this one worked out great for me!
Taco Dip, using the butterfly die. I did faux-sewing on it too.
Lime Cream Cooler. It is really good, and great for parties, especially now that summer is here!

And this one is Banana Cream Cheese Bread, a favorite of my family. I always double it! Don't you love the little spoon? That's my favorite part!

Hope you like!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A few scrapbook pages

When I went to a crop the other day, I took a packet of photos that needed to be scrapbooked. I decided that my size would 8 by 8, because I need to use up a couple of books I bought that are that size.
So, right to begin with, I am out of my comfort zone. Then, I get these really nice scrapbooking kits from ETM. They are really nice, full of things to use. I don't use them. I like to look at them. I take them out, arrange the papers, finger the I decided that I had to use them. No use getting them, if you don't use it right? So, for this month, June, I started using that kit. Everything on my pages (except the pictures) are from the June kit. I still have a ton of stuff left over to do quite a few more pages, but this is my start.
So here is the opening page... Our trip to Salt Lake 07. Yep. 07. I know, I need to get with the program.
I'm using stickers and rub ons... something I NEVER, EVER do!!! I think that they turned out alright, they are just not my style, but that's ok... trying something new is good right?
Hunter was so funny at the aquarium. He is wet in the picture because he was petting stingrays.

Love that his two front teeth are missing!

Zoo pictures. I have so many, but is it the favorite place to go!!

Ok. Hope you like the start of my album!! Everything was from the kit. If you want to try your hand at one of these kits, visit her website!! ETM.

Monday, June 7, 2010

New Recipes!

Awe. After you have been sick, it regenerates you to do some recipes!! At least for me! I've been working on a bunch of swaps too, and have the layouts ready, but the recipe's aren't printed. That would be because my poor, poor, wonderful little printer, that I can't live without, has given up on this world. I am sooooo sad.... I now have to do things in a program that isn't person to flash things like adobe pdf.... I am supposed to learn these new things so that I can go to a printer and have it printed?? Sheesh... I managed to get some printed at the printers place... here is two of them...
Its a sneak, sneak preview of recipe kits for August. Yep, you'll forget you seen them by then! :0)
Ok, do you love the pansy's??? Somebody, and I forget who, has made them, and I watched how she did them. She punched the butterfly punch twice, on shimmery cardstock from SU.... then she used reinkers to watercolor on them. She spritzed them completely with water, then touched the ends with the watercolor brush loaded with ink. It was really cool, so if you know who she was, let me know so I can say this is her idea! I copied it really well! I made pink ones for this recipe.
These next two recipes are from the June Recipe Kits from ETM. My friend Leanne made them. I changed them up a bit.. of course, or I wouldn't be me. This first one though, is pretty much what she did, I added stuff, took away stuff... stuffy, stuff.

Here's her second one. I thought it was a good idea to have a recipe for Fruit Pizza. We all make it, but no one has the recipe! So glad she did it!

Hope you like!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Crop share

Sorry I haven't been here. The flu has hit... and I am a slow recoverer... dang it! I thought I would share this scrapbook page that I made at a crop. ETM. I thought it was good because I am counting my blessings that I am not so sick as the first day!!! I'll put some pictures on it later...