Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Last Fair Share

This is my last fair share... too many bottles and things to show, so I am going to let you see my layout and my best bottle of canning! 
This is the 8 1/2 by 11 layout...
 I used Quickutz to make the letters, and my very very old stamp set, Kid's Prints from SU.
 The second page... I think you can click on it and make it bigger to read the journaling.
 SO, here is my canning.  I almost didn't even take this jar.  I debated and in the end, I thought an entry was better than none.  To my surprise, this entry not only got first place, it got best of class for fruit!!
 Here's a close up of my pears.  Everyone said they were really white.  I peal them with a peeler, then put them in lemon juice before I put them in the syrup...
 These are my baking ribbons... gotta do better there!!
 And these were my canning ribbons.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Fair Share 3

Few more fair shares for you.  Here are my Christmas cards...
 These were my sympathy cards...
 I did an altered box.  So this is an old wooden cigar box.  The inside smells like cedar!  So I have been saving these papers for a while, and this was the right project for them. 
 Here's a closeup of the flowers, just the scallop round punch, then you wad them up and stick them together!  The leaves were a pansy leaf stamp, I stamped it on the other side, just the outline, cut them out, sponged them, folded them for the creases like leaf veins...sponged on more ink...
 This is the latch part of the box, it opens the long way.
 Then there was a category for altered tins.  My tin has a hole in the center where there is acetate covering it so that you can look into the box.
 Here's a closeup of the flower... I used the butterfly punch to make it.
 Here's a side view. 
Hope you like!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fair Share 2

 Ok, blogger is doing some funky stuff...  so sorry for the weird things, It may take me a day or two to figure out what they've done...
Here is some more fair shares for you!  These were my birthday cards.
 I got this stamp at the dollar store!  Cool huh!  It worked good for a chocolate cupcake.
 You've seen this card before, but I jazzed it up a bit, I added clear gloss to the ice cream and glitter dots around the scallop.
These were my holiday cards.  Normally I do all one holiday, but this time I chose to do 3 different holidays.  All three are new cards for you!
 Here's my valentines one.  I used the medallion stamp and then a heart stamp.  It was fun to make.  I used rhinestones on the heart.
 Here's my Easter card.  My friend Joani sent me a card with a chick and an egg on it, so I made three chicks with DP eggs.
 Here's my favorite of course!  Halloweener card.  I got a new set from SU, I sprayed all the pages with the sparkly spray, I forget what its called, but it is basically mica powder in an alcohol suspension.  I like it, it drys quick and it is shiny!  I used silver here.  Then I used one of my little test tubes filled with candy and stuck on there with glue dots.
So have a wicked day!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Fair Share 1

See... I didn't tell a lie!  I did earn ribbons at the fair!  These are my scrapbooking ribbons, and in the next few days, I'll share with you all my fair entries...  ready??
This is an Honorable Mention... you have seen this one before, so I won't do a close up for you, but it was the two page layout that says Yellowstone on the top of it...
This one is Moveable Cards.  You have seen them too, so if there is one you haven't seen, I give details...
This one was for Stamped Cards.... the top one, you saw as a bookmark, but I made it into a 6X6 card...
This one, you haven't seen, I love the Wanted set from SU.... then I got a belt set from CTMH...worked ok together I think!!
This one is the new vintage one from SU.  I cased the side of the card from someone from the internet...I can't remember who...she cased it from someone else too...  The pearls are my idea, and the F part is my idea too...
This one was for mixed medium...
This one was for Thank You cards.
I'll be sharing more later, so check back!!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

stamp club night

I went to a stamp club the other night, thought I would show you what we made!  I love this first card, I love silhouette things.  It was so simple, I can't believe I haven't done more of them before!  You make a mask, sponge the background on, then stamp the image over the top.  Simple!
This second card, we got to use the owl punch.  He is cute, I am liking punches more and more lately.  I need to use my stamps, but sometimes the punches are fun.  This is not a color choice I would have used, but its ok.
And then we made a 6 X 6 scrapbook page.  Interesting color choice too, but it seems to work ok! 
Hope you like!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What I love about the Fair

Here are a few of the things that I love about the fair.  Number one, would have to be this big pumpkin!  How can you not love a 460 pound ball of orangy goodness?  It so means Halloween is on the way!  Notice the pumpkin in the background?  You can sit in it!
Here is the second thing I love about the fair!  I love the pig barn.  My grandpa used to have a pig farm, and I learned to love pigs! 
Especially, their snoopies!!
Now, I don't love the horse barn.  I am not a fan of horses, I am a lover of Mules and Donkeys.  However, they were not at the fair yet, just the horses.  So here is a pretty one!
And sheep.  I love the way they bleat, and look how white this one is!  That is super!  I was afraid of the sheep when I was little, they all wear those coverings like in the back, and some have hoods on them.  I thought that the KKK owned them.  Scared me good!  I know better now, but it scared my kids too the first time they seen the hooded sheep!
I love, love, love the goatie barn!!  One year my sister & brother in law came to the fair with us, with their two little girls at the time.  Well.  One of the goats was delivering her baby when my nieces went by.  You should have heard them shrieking.  Poor momma goat.  They shouldn't have taken her to the fair that year!
I had to take a picture of this girl!  When I was younger, we went and got two goats, and brought them home in the back of our Bronco.  Hee, hee.  What a ride.  They both looked like this girl, and mine was named Mary Jane, and Trent's was named Nellie. (for the little house on the prairie girl...)  Loved those goats, we were small enough we could ride them, but would get in trouble.  I even let them eat paint when I painted the fence!  Also not allowed, but fun!  We had them forever!  So here's one for Nellie and Mary Jane!
One of the other things I love about the fair, is winning ribbons!!!  I took my baking you saw below... well, I got 3rd place for it!  I won $50 just for that entry!  Yippee!
I got 17 blue ribbons in all, and will share with you later!  Its still all at the fair...  :)

Friday, September 3, 2010

Fair stuff!

Most of you know, I Love, Love, Love the fair.  I used to spend all day, every day there, then I had kids.  I spent most of the day there, but not everyday.  Sadly, I only get about 3 days in, but on the smiley note, they are worth it!
I love to enter things into the fair, some years I enter more than others, but this year, I entered something new!
I tried the baking category!
So here is what I did... (and I had to bake it all in one day for it to be fresh to take to the fair!) 
Here is my cake, it is an Oatmeal, Carmel Pecan cake. (I had to have 4 entries as one for this entry...it is for the 4 Star Baker...so this is 1 of 4)
Here is 2 of 4, it is Chocolate Chip Pecan Cookies.

3 of 4, is my Bing Cherry Pie.  (Yes, I made my own pie filling.)
and here is 4 of 4, a loaf of white bread.
I ended up making 3 batches of bread that day, because they weren't turning out like I wanted them too, then I probably ruined it, because I put butter on the tops of the loaves when they came out.  So my crust isn't hard...  We will have to see.
SO!  Wish me Luck!!!  (I will find out on Monday!!)