Monday, July 30, 2012

Monthly Journal and Goofy Kid!

This would be my youngest.  Those were the hats they wore to go down to the water front at Treasure Mountain Scout Camp.  He had a wonderful time and earned 11 merit badges.
 So, I was able to finish my three next months of monthly journal.  Its the second installment.  I totally redid July.  I thought it should be with stars and stripes, so here is my version.
 Here's my August.  The blue is the pocket and the other blue is a photo place.  Mine of course is still different than the original.
 Here's September.  The back of the paper had these cool glasses and sneakers.  Just what you want for school, so I redid this layout also.  The original layouts are at ETM.  You can check hers out if you want to.  the open space on the right, is for a photo too.
Hope you like!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello.  I've been gone for a while.  With good reason though.  I have been busy though.  I made these little boxes of chocolates for my neighbors who have been bringing my family food...
 I copied the design of the little flowers from the SU catalog.  It was just too dang cute not to.
 So here you can see the box before I get the chocolates in them...
When I'm done, I am going to stamp a saying that says, So Grateful in the centers.... just no pic yet...
 a few more...
 I've been making these when I get a chance.  You see, earlier this summer, I got diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer.  The good thing is that it is totally treatable.  You just have moments when you don't think that it is.  I have learned that it is going to take a good while before I feel like me again.  Shoot.  But first I had to have surgery to remove the dang cancer.
 Here's my new neck smile.  I am so swollen, that I have wrinkles in my neck.  The doc said that the incision was only 1.5 inches long.... um, I think I am taking a ruler to the doc appointment to show him what 4+ inches looks like.
I'm very tired...not sleepy, tired.  But its because I don't have the right meds for my thyroid yet.  I am on a low iodine diet for several weeks, awaiting my iodine radiation therapy.  So, we shall see what happens next in this adventure...
On a funny note, my friend told me that after I am radiated, that I need to go to the airport through security so I turn on the alarms.  He said I should just run through them a couple of times.  Yeah.  I'm thinking about it!