Monday, April 26, 2010

Watercolor Crayons

I have this embossing folder from SU. I also have their watercolor wonder crayons! I love those little things! They are really fun to watercolor with. I used the paintbrush that has water in the handle, I also have another one that I put blender fluid in...these are all done with water.
I made 8 in total. They were really fun to watercolor...they just took off! The top one is blue and turquoise. Sorry they crop funny, when I don't scan and just take a photo...

I mounted them on black bazzil and then did ovals in the corner and used the word punch on the bottom and put two rhinestones or pearls, depending on the colors. This one is turquoise and plum.
This one's black and red.

This one's yellow and orange.

This one's orange and variegated.

This one is rust and coral...

This one is orchid and lavender.

This one's rose and summer.

When I used the embossing template, I turned the paper over, and watercolored on the flat side, with indentation. The embossed side is on the back. That is how I got the white in the lines.
Hope you like them!!

Friday, April 23, 2010

I don't know how to say "no"!

Meet Elvis. This is my friend Shirley's cat. He is a hairless cat. Don't start freaking out, he is really kinda cool, when you get past the hairless part. Look how big he is! He easily is twice the size of our cats.
He's stretching out here to sniff some stuff on the counter. He was just bathed. Yes bathed. He has to be cleaned every day. He needs a bath at least every 3 days, and the other days, we just wipe him down completely, clean his feet, his ears, his face, his rear and brush his teeth. Uh huh. You brush his teeth.
He has such a cute face! He has no fur on him, there is a little peach fuzz on his tail and on his outside of the ears. He is very HIGH MAINTENANCE! He has a super personality though.

You gotta love how long his tail is. It freaks Hunter and Jade out, they say it looks like a rat's. It kinda does. My dad says he is a skinless cat, instead of hairless! (make me laugh)

So, my friend Shirley calls me up. Could I watch Elvis while she goes to her kids for a couple of weeks? Sure, why not. So that is how I ended up, brushing a cat's teeth. He likes it. I think he thinks he's human. He has to have his litter changed every day, new food and water...and his room vacuumed every day. (because he is a mess! He throws litter everywhere, even though he has an enclosed litter box)

He has to have clean clothes everyday, because they get cold, like we do, and because he has kinda a body oil, like we do! When he is cold because you took his jammies off, he wrinkles all up... his type of goosebumps I guess! But when he is warm and clean, he is just the softest thing. Who can say no to that face??? (and yes, I said jammies....he has bedclothes just like us, and regular clothes for daytime... he even has ties, hats shoes...a stroller, a you want me to go on??)

(as much as I like the kitty... I wouldn't recommend getting a hairless cat. They are a lot of work. If you have all day to commit to them, well... power to you and Please... I don't know how to say no, so don't ask me to tend them!) Also, if you think that he could go without his clothes, he rubs on things, and he leaves a brown streak where he rubbed. (body oil...several hours after a bath...) Shirley calls him her crayon!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Baptism Books

Well, I finished 2 more books. I have 4 left to go. Two are halfway done, so it won't take long. It is just finding the time to do them! This book is really similar to Ashlen's book. My boss/friend over at ETM asked what I do with all the Chipboard I buy. So I took Ashlen's book into show her what I do with chipboard. She liked it and asked me to make one Just Like That One, for her niece. So this is Kim's book.
Here is a close up of her little girl on the front of it... The book is done in Razzleberry. You should try to match the color at the craft/fabric stores for ribbon! It wasn't a smart choice of color of ink, but it is sure a pretty color!
While searching for ribbon one day, Hubster calls me and says, whatcha doing? I tell him I am on the hunt for ribbon for a Baptism book. He says, "oh, well while you're at it, could you make one for the neighbor girl? She's getting Baptized too." Her favorite color is pink. I haven't made a pink one, so OK! I went on the hunt for pink ribbon too.
Here is Brindy's book.

Here is the closeup of Brindy's punch out. I kinda like the pink book. (Don't faint!)

I was asked if I buy the letters in a kit or something. I don't. I buy chipboard in 12 by 12 sheets and then I cut them to 6 by 12 inches. Then I have made me letters on typing paper. I put the letter templates over the chipboard, trace and cut my chipboard to make my own letters. I sometimes have to play with it for quite a while until I can get it placed where I want, since the word can only be 12 inches long. 7 is about the maximum number of letters in once of these words. Sometimes I get it done, and hate how a letter looks, so I remake the letters until they look like I want.
After you get the letters cut out of chipboard, then you cover them with Bazzil paper... and then I do embossed and glitter paper for the Baptism books...I use other things for different books.
I have made my own patterns for the books: BAPTISM, MOTHER, FATHER, SISTER....
I use the letters from (Bo Bunny I believe) for my Family, Friend, and Believe books.
I got the idea years ago from a lady who would make big letters for her friends who had kids in the NAVY, ARMY, MARINES...And then one day BoBunny came out with the precut letters in the kits Believe, Family, Friends...
So anyways, I hope you enjoyed these books!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Card Swap Share

Ok, yesterday I was having a bad day. (I was also miffed at a so called forgive my being a crab!) So, today, aside from a migraine, I am having a swell day!!
I thought I would share with you my card swap I got! These guys are some are new at making cards, and some are old hat...I don't think you can tell the difference, they did a great job! I would let you know who made them, but they didn't put their names on them!
So, to start off, this cute little purse!
Here's her inside!
Then this one uses the new Vintage Vogue from SU...very nice!

I don't know where she got the flowers, but I really like them, and especially the fact that she took the time to sew around the vase. I don't sew on paper, so LOVE that!

This one is huge, and cute, and opens, and I just like it!

I love yellow. This is a cute baby card!

This card, however, is my favorite. I know, you shouldn't have favorites, but that only counts in kids right??

This one, the brown is such an unusual brown. I really like it too, maybe it is the large flowers....

So that was my swap I participated in. Hope you like them!!

Monday, April 19, 2010

Paula Deen swap...

Ok, so I found this group on line and they were having a Paula Deen Recipe swap. Well, you know I love recipes! So I joined, only because of the strict guidelines of the swap. There had to be at least two layers...and layer your recipe if you could. A stamped image and designer paper plus and element. Ok. So I did mine. Here are my two... Pretty sure that I followed the guidelines of the swap.

So, in my mail today, I received the swap back. (there were 61 participants....) These are what I got back. I have to say, aside from a couple of them, I am very disappointed. Let me know what you think!! (I think I am just crabby today too...)
This one I like the bubble things. They are glass...

The one above, I liked...and I liked the cake and mixer elements on the one below...

The punch out is cute.

I thought the one below was really cute, the stamp especially...

Ok, on this one, I like the branch. :0)

The one below has nice elements...Good thought to where it was going....

This one, though, is my favorite. I sooooo love pears, and she did a really nice job.

This one has cool metallic paper...It makes me want to make something with it...

I really like this one too, I think that it has parts of an actual recipe card on it too...clever!

This cookie, I think I will have to make!

Well? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Ashlen's Book

My niece is getting baptized. So, because I make these books for other people, I am making her one too. I hope that she likes it. Her daddy told me her favorite color is Purple. Now her Nana tells me that her favorite color is Pink. Well, this is sort of in between.
I did a punch little girl. Ashlen has brown hair, so this little punchie does too. (Ashlen, has never been this still!)
Here is a close up of part of the book. I used some glitter designer paper and then I used my cuttlebug embossing folders to emboss the other letters. For the longer sheets, I just turned the embossing folder around, and embossed the second half of the paper.

Here is the last half of the book. I put rhinestones and ribbons all over it. I hope that it's girly!

Hope you like!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Last of Teacher Appreciation! YES!

Remember these???
Well, I added them to this pile of mints...
And came up with this packet for Teacher Appreciation week. It tells what each mint means and what the teachers mean to us.
Here is the backside of the packet. I must tell you... I made 50 of these. I was really wishing that after the gum holders, the eraser packets, the crayon holders, that there was only 10 or so teachers left and I would only have to make 10 of these. But nope. BUT, its all done now! Yipee!

Hope you like!