Sunday, February 28, 2010

Deviled Eggs

A hundred deviled eggs. I have to say, although they are not good to eat in this case, they were really fun to make! Here is the pile of them.
First I punched out ovals, then I punched a really small scalloped circle out of so saffron paper. Line them all up, 28 at a time!
Then I stamped pepper, paprika and parsley flakes all over them!

Here is a little egg up close for you to inspect!

And here is what I did with them! I put them on this cute little recipe! I used my new punch from SU from their Saleabration... I used Vanilla for the background, and chocolate chip is the brown paper. The green is Old Olive. I found that designer paper one day, it was in my stash, I had enough to do 28 layouts! I joined in a recipe A-Z swap. This is my X page...

Hope You Like!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

They Say Its Your Birthday...

So, my son has to make a cake and decorate it with his dad for the Scout Blue & Gold Banquet. He was all excited to make one. His brother designed one on the computer and mom had to bake the cake. Dad had all sorts of ideas. He was going to make a campfire out of pretzels, he was going to have wolves and bears on it... Hunter had other ideas. See, Momma's birthday fell on the day of Blue & Gold. So Hunter wanted to make a birthday cake for mom!
Here is his creation! My birthday cake!
Here's the view looking down. I love it! (And it's Red Velvet Cake, with cream cheese frosting!)

I woke up tismorning to hearing their little horns toot, toot! Hubby had given them party horns, and decorated the living room for me. He even found streamers with Hippo's on them!
He got me a stamp set and wheel, and paid for me a trip to a scrapbooking day next month! Yippee!! My mom & dad sent me the purple carpet, (for my stamp room) and a wool red coat.

My neighbor brought me over this bouquet of flowers, and a baby puppy to hold! I got to smell puppy breath!! He was soooo cute.

One of my best friends brought over this purse for me. In it was a lavender diffuser, jammies, post it notes, socks, candy, shave gel & glitter shimmer dust! All in Purple!

I am going to have to take a picture of the card I got from Hubby and the boys. I am still giggling about it. I also got a princess crown to wear for the day!!
So yep!! I am soooo spoiled! (Hubby's taking me to lunch today too, and to a movie!!)
I might even get some time in to finish some layouts I've been working on.... Hee, hee!!!
Hope your day is as good as mine so far!!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

One more Joy & Wonder

Here is another one of the little girls from the Joy & Wonder set. Yep, I really like the little girls. It was fun buying a set with girls instead of boys! I am always buying the ones with boys in them because, well, I only have boys! But some friends have asked me to scrapbook for them and they have little girls, so really, I am justifying myself!
Here she is up close. I colored with pensil and gamasol.
Hope you like!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Joy and Wonder...easel card

I learned how to make easel cards the other day. SUPER EASY!! I thought it was fun, so I used one of my images from my new Joy and Wonder set. Isn't she cute? You can order her from my friend Joani. There are 3 girls and one boy in the set...I luf her!
Here she is up close. I colored her with my pencils and blended with gamasol. (maybe she looks like me when I was little!)
Hope you liked!

Friday, February 19, 2010


My favorite thing. Recipes! Here is a cuppy cake one for you! I had a lot of fun making a cupcake and then decorating it!
Here's a closeup of the strawberry. I used a quickutz for this one. But to do the seeds, I used a 3D product I got in a swap one day... I shaded him with chalks, same with the cupcake.
Here is the 3D product I used. I belonged to a group where we used to do surprise boxes for each other every once in a while. In one of my boxes, there was this product. Its cool, but I didn't know what I would do with it. So it has hung out in my stamp room for a while. I made these layouts for the cupcakes, and thought, that strawberry needs something, but I don't want to go and punch out more strawberries in yellow, just to get the seeds... then I remembered! It was perfect!

Hope you like! And by the way, the cupcakes are great too! You'll have to make them!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Busy, Busy!!

I've been working. I really have! However, I can't really show you anything I've done yet. You'll have to wait, and unfortunately, I am not sure for how long! How's that for a teaser? Well, in the meantime, I ordered a stamp set from my friend Joani! I thought the little girls in it were so cute, I couldn't resist! So here is one of them.
I colored her with pencils and gamasol. I got that new punch from SU, but need to take punch 101 to figure it out to do it sorry for the mess...
Here is what else I've been up to!! Isn't he cute! He is 5 months old, I am watching him this week for a friend while her mom is gone on vacation!
His little chair cracks me up. He loves to sit in it. You just hand him toys in it and he thinks he is a big man!

A rare moment. This baby doesn't nap!!! Yesterday I got him to take about a half hour nap during the day, then the phone woke him up! Cute milk monster huh!!

Have a great one!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day to everyone! I thought I would share my valentine with you! I Love, Love, Love Carnations! They are my most favorite flower and hubby got me some for I heart you day!!
Here is the bouquet, I am not a great flower arranger...I can do anything else, I'm pretty sure! But flower arranging is not my thing, so I did my best. In case you wonder why there isn't any baby's breath, greenery.. that, I do not like, so hubby indulges me, with just carnations!
Here is my Hunter. The night before his class had a valentine party, he says, Mom, as he is heading for bed... I am supposed to have a valentine box for tomorrow! Mom has a cow. So he ran downstairs, got an old Stampin UP box from the pile, pulled out the white butcher paper and the scissors and tape. We wrapped the box in the paper, and I cut a hole in the top of it for him. I said, you know what it looks like? A tic tac box. So, he said! YEAH!!! Got his markers and crayons and went to town. I think that he did pretty good!! (notice its the "big pack") The kid cracks me up! He had a great party too!

So I hope you are having a happy valentines!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

second installment of recipes...

All three of these recipes are my design, and you can get them in a kit to make yourself, just visit ETM to order!
This one I tried to make it look like you pulled the title out of the recipe and underneath was a bunch of flowers...hope it looks like that! Plus, its my Aunt Tawnya's recipe!! I had an earlier post on that, showed the rolls we made and scarffed up!
This one I liked the colors. Red and orange, then you add in the polka dots...lovin polka dots! The flower is a felt flower. This is the first time I ever used felt in a layout.

And this is Ship wreck casserole. See how I am branching and using blue and brown! Yeah, it might be growning on me. I am working on two more kits for March... you have to come back later when I finish those!
Hope you enjoy!

Monday, February 8, 2010

More Recipe's Of Course!!

Here are a couple more of the recipes that I have done. This first one was from a kit, which I of course had to change. I really liked the blue/brown combo...maybe it was the paisley.... Maybe brown is growing on me...
Here is the second one I got from a kit, which I altered too...
And this one is mine. You can purchase it as a kit from ETM.
I'm workin outside my comfort zone on this one... Kim says she really liked it though, but maybe she was just being nice. At any rate though, the recipe for Hot Reuben is smashin!!

Hope you like!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Challenge Card

I am trying my hand out at a Challenge Card. I combined it for two challenges. The first challenge was over at LNS and it is for Butterflies. I got that new die/embosslit template from SU and had to use it...The second challenge was from CMBH and it was for Pink/Black/White combo. So, I used my "Surf's Up!" stamp set and stamped a bunch of surfboards to make the flower petals.
To do the center of the flower, I used a neat technique from Carol Anne. You can see how she makes them from her blog. Basically what you do is punch the scalloped circle punch, crunch up the circles and re-assemble them together to make a 3-D flower. I like it!
Here is a closer look at my flower for you.
Hope you like!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Couple of recipes...

You know I love recipes!! So here are a couple more that I did....