Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Cupcakes for Abbie and Maddie

I got a call the other night from two little girls. Aunt Keersten, could you make us the hamburger and fries cupcakes for the last day of school? What can you do? You make them for them. Here is what they are talking about.
So first you make cupcakes, slice them in half, and insert a brownie. That's the meat!
Add a little lettuce...

And tops complete with sesame seeds.
Put them in a carrier, add sugar cookie fries, and a container of strawberry jam for the ketchup! How does 50 of them sound to you???
Hope you like!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Stationary Set

It was my mom's birthday on Friday. I made her this stationary set. I got the pattern for it from Inking Idaho. I had to tweak the pattern a little, awesome instructions, but the measurements were off a bit. I got it though! They just had new carpet put in the house and everything is green and purple! So I got to use my favorite color! Here is the whole package...
Here is the drawers, open.
And closed. I found the drawer pulls from Bazzill, of all places! I love how they sparkle!
Here is the three magazine holders that is connected together.
Side view. I kinda made this wrong, the folds should be on the outside, not the inside, but I didn't know that until after I tacky taped it. No undoing that stuff!
Here's one little magazine holder... I used Stampin' UP!'s Cottage paper. Right now it is on clearance on their site.
Here it is filled with cards.
Here are the 4 cards that I put in the set. I did 4 of each card. A thank you...
A sympathy...
A birthday...
And a wedding...
Hope you like!!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Photo Wallets

My friend Joani sent me a little gift one day. It was a couple of years back and I had it my 'to case' file. It was so cute. So, little modifications, and I made some too! Here are three of them...
When you undo the tie and open it up, there are two little pull out places for photo's.
Room for 6 photos on each side.
Here's 4 more of them. They when they fold out, are 10 inches long, they are bout 4 inches folded.
Here's a looking down view so you can see how they bend.
Hope you like! (Thanks Joani!)

Thursday, May 12, 2011

May Recipes

These are my recipes for May. I will post the others another day. This one was fun to make with all of the stars and circles. Plus, my kids like the casserole!
Here's the second, its Lavender Lemonade. I recently learned an easier way to make it though. You still need to steep the buds for the syrup, but instead of making lemonade the hard way and squirting yourself with lemons, you can use Country Time Lemonade. Easy Peasy!!!
Here is what it looks like when you seep the lavender buds. Then you strain them.
I strained mine into a quart jar. The liquid is kinda purplish. More brownish really. I thought it would taste like medicine or soap... but it doesn't! Give it a try!
Hope you like!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Couple more cute little purses...

I made a couple of more little gift purses the other day. So here they are...
You know when you fold paper into a wedge and if you put so many of those wedges together it makes that cake? I think that this is how the wedges are made. Not sure though, but you can put them together to make the cake!

For these, I used velcro as a fastener. I love velcro. One of the best inventions!
When you open up the purse, you get this pocket....
Hope you like!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day out there to all you women, who are moms, or mom's at heart. I remember how mother's day was for me, when I was struggling with infertility. It especially broke my heart one MD Sunday, when a little girl came and sat on my lap and asked me why I wasn't a mommy yet. So, I wish each woman out there, a lovely day!

Here is something that I made for my mom. I made her a sort of cake plate, and this is the card that we made at SU club.
Here's a my card close up! Jeanine always does a great designing job!
Here's the cake plate so you can see the pedestals.
And the top of the cake plate. It didn't come out quite the color it should have, the plate is really white....
Hope you like!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Recipe Book

I made another recipe book, that has folders in it, so you can put the recipes you get off of the internet in them, or loose ones you have around. There is also room to put ones in pages.
So here is the cover....I tried to use the white ruffle throughout all the pages too.
I found my stash of 'skittles' and used them on the pages too...
Skittles are the round shiny centers, kinda like a gel or a hot glue dot. They come in all sorts of colors.

I thought the colors were bright and cheerful... its from my favorite line, My Mind's Eye.

Also, I got new Nestabilities for my birthday and put some of them to use on the pages.
This cut out was my favorite. I love the circle ends!
Here's what the folders look like inside.
Here is the spine of the book too...
Hope you like!