Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Flower Fairy, Brusho

I got this cute little Flower Fairy over at one of my favorite shops... Kraftin Kimmie.  I colored her up with prismacolor pencils.  You can find her here.
Then, I used some Brusho, that I got over at Stampin Up!  You can find it here.   I used the Brilliant Red and Yellow.  I used the card pack from the occasions catalog.  It is only 10 bucks for 72 of these cards, all different sayings and flowers and birds and such.  I paired this one with the fairy.  I think it looks alright!

To use the bursho, I put water down on the card first, then sprinkled the brusho.  Then to make it run a little more, I spritzed water over the top of the brusho.  Then I let it dry overnight.

Hope you like!

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Steam Punk Girls

I was coloring again!!  This time with Kraftin Kimmies Retired Steam Punk Girls...  This cutie is Lavinia...I colored her with Prisma Color Pencils.
this little cutie is Genevieve.  I also used prismacolor pencils with her too.

I made them into bookmarks.  I used a gear punch from Stampin Up!

here they both are...

Hope you like!

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Bambi Bubble Gum

I love little three D objects.  I saw this little "bag in a box" on Pintrest.  I thought I would try it.  I made mine with the sides sticking out like little wings.... (search bag in a box on there.)
I filled it with a little bag full of jumbo gumballs...

They fit nice inside, If my bag was larger, I could have fit at least 2 more in there.

I colored up Bambi Bubble Gum girl from Kraftin Kimmie.  She is a retired stamp.  I used my prisma color pencils to color her.
I learned the clear bubble technique over at Kit and Clowder.

I tied the top of the bag part with a ribbon and glued Bambi on the front.

Here's a side view...

Isn't she a cutie??

Hope you like!!!


This is Posy.  She is from Kraftin Kimmie.... she is a retired stamp from Artist Annie Rodrique.  I think she is really cute.  I colored her with prisma color pencils.
I learned how to do multicolored hair over at Kit and Clowder. 
I tried to do no layer card!
Hope you like her!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Ariana- Mermaid

I got this little mermaid stamp from Kraftin Kimmie.  She is retired, but is really cute.  So, I thought I would color her up while watching TV.  She is done in Prisma Color Pencils.

 For the background, I used Brusho.  Kinda a fun thing to do!
Hope you like!

Monday, February 19, 2018

Electric Evelyn!!

Hello!!  Did some more fun coloring with my prismas!!  This time on craft paper.  I did Electric Evelyn from Kraftin Kimmie!  I am also doing a weekly challenge over there and the challenge was Winter...

 She is just so cute!!
 A little bling...

 and it is shocking....right?
My winter is going swell....
Hope you like!

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Kraftin Kimmie Josephine

Hi.  Been doing some coloring with my prisma pencils while I haven't been feeling too well.  I seem to have caught that stupid bug that everyone has, only mine lasts forever.  So, in the evenings, I sits and colors.  It has been most enjoyable!!
So here the latest...its Josephine from Kraftin Kimmie.  I think she is adorable!
 It was fun coloring the potion.  Kinda an anything goes, much like her hair! :) 
anyways, hope you like!