Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Just a post to wish everyone a safe and Happy Halloween!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

halloweenie share

Halloweenie card share. Just goofin with a new nestabilities die I got...not a bad one to play with.
Ok, had to take a picture of this. This is one of the reasons I love where I live. Where else can you go in the middle of the day and have to follow behind some big ole tractor?? They go so slow, this boy was going 20 miles p/h not too bad considering it had to weave and swerve for all of the mailboxes...
Anyways, I truely love to see the big tractors going down the road. I am sorry it is almost time for snow and they are putting these big machines away...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloweenie Purses

Here are some more little purses for you made out of composition notebooks. They are too fun to make and kind of addicting! I had to make some Halloweener ones. My favorite one is the scaredy cat on the top!
I really like the felt rick-rac though, on the top black one. The things you can find in a craft store!

Hope you like!
Only 4 More days til Halloween!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Scrap Crop Share

I told you I would share what we made at the crop. The first is these two scrapbook pages. I really like both of them. Of course, I changed her layout to fit what I liked....the two tags on the top page, we used distress ink and a felt tip applicator shaped like an old wooden stamp, to smear ink on the tags to change them. We then used rub-ons.
This one, we cut the top off of a scallop page, used it for the header... I changed the ribbon, she had a red one....but there is a rub on on this page too...

We made this cute little halloweener gift box. Its full of tootsie rolls. It takes less than a half of a sheet of cardstock to make. Quick and cute.

We made this card, using a bone folder to make the flower petals curl.

This one was a wheel, and of course, I changed it too...but I really like torn paper.

This one, we folded the two sided dec paper, to get the two color look.

And this was the last make n take. It fits on your desk to hold a family photo. Cute.
We also had a contest, we had to take gift tags and step em up and make a really cute tag. I didn't get to see who won, (I think it was the girl who turned her square tag, into a delivery truck with a package in trunk) But I didn't get a pic of them either...sorry...
So that is what we did, plus we had pot luck, lots of prizes and giveaways and time to work on our own stuff! I got 48 Christmas cards finished and 4 Halloweener purses!
Hope you like!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Blog Candy from Holly

Hi. I have a friend that is offering great blog candy! She is giving away a new cricut cartridge or unmounted stamps... check it out here.
Also, while you are there, check out her coloring techniques... she is awesome!

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Flower post

Just a quick share, I'm off to a scrapbooking thing today! Yeah... But here is card I made for you, piddling around with some scraps on my desk. For scraps, I think it turned out ok.
The cool ribbon, I got from the ribbon retreat. Loved it...
Hope you like! I'll show you what I do today later!!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Another Nap, Purses for his Sisters

Squirty conked out again today. Whoo hoo... I went to the crafty room and got the supplies to make these little purses! This apple one is my favorite! You can see a tutorial on how to make them HERE. I used her (Inking Idaho) idea and used my own stuff.
Mr. Squirty has two sisters and they are twins. So, their mom saw these little purses made from notebooks and thought that the girls would love them. So while she was in town one day, she picked up the little composition notebooks for me.

Here is all of them decorated. The girls favorite colors are pink and blue. That's why so many in that color combo. They get to pick their own out and then they get to give the others to their friends.
Hope you like!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Fall Challenge

Squirty was taking a nap!! I had a chance to run to the scrap room and make a card for the new challenge on LNS. The challenge was the colors Old Olive, Ruby Red and Really Rust. I Love that color combination! So, I knew what I wanted to do.
I got out the glossy cardstock, and embossed me some leaves in black. (I used black craft and clear embossing powder) Then, on a scrap paper, I embossed some more leaves and a pumpkin.
On the leaf embossed page, I took my sponges and sponged the three colors on. I did olive first, then rust then ruby, as ruby is a really dark color and will overwhelm everything. Then I sponged color on the extra leaves and the pumpkin.
I cut the leaves and pumpkin out and layered them on the embossed leaf piece. I layered that on ruby, then a strip of rust that I tore. I layered the whole thing on old olive and then stamped the Happy stamp up the side.
Two of the leaves, I punched a hole in the ends with a pin and stuck wire through them then wound the wire around a sucker stick. I tucked it under the pumpkins handle.
Hope you like!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Why I haven't posted lately!

Ok, its been a few days since I posted, and there is good reason. We took a small trip. We went to SLC for the weekend. Here is a pic of the boys at a rest stop in Malad. I so cannot get Hunter to act decent in a photo. So I said, everyone is just going to have to see you this way.... he didn't care, so thus, the Erkel photo.
Then, we came home and bright and early tismorning, I took Jade to the ortho... I thought they were just doing lower brackets around his back teeth and done, but nope.

Got the whole shoot n cabang today. He got orange and black bands. Ewww. But its Halloweener, so I am glad he's showing some spirit, my little 13 year old with a mustache.

Then, I went and picked up this squirty. His name is Landon, but I affectionately call him Squirty, which he answers me too! He just turned 3 and is starting to talk. I know its a little slow, but this guy has been through a lot. He is doing super now and I am having to keep up with him, when I used to just hold and rock him. I get him for today, tonight and tomorrow. He told me a little earlier, Kewrst. I tarvin. You're starvin, I asked. Yeah, tarvin.
So, no creative things flowin today... I'm feedin the tarvin 3 year old!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Advent Calendar

I saw this Advent Calendar on Splitcoast Stampers. I knew that I had to make it. So I took a day to go shopping for the ingredients...
I knew that I was going to make a few of these, so I needed to go as inexpensive as I could. I first found the canvas. She used a frame canvas. While it was nice, the flat canvas worked just as well, and was 3 for 12 bucks...after that 50% off!! Ok, canvas down. Next I went shopping for the little containers. She used metal ones. Every where I went, they were 1.99 a piece!! Couldn't do that. Checked the kits that had 18 or more in them...they were also over a dollar a piece. So, went to the dollar store... where else do you find things for cheap?

Decided on my decorated papers, and background papers.

Here, I cut the cardstocks for the base. You have a solid cardstock, that is 3 by 3. The colored cardstock on top that you layer, is 2 3/4th. Pretty simple. Then I used my circle and scallop circle punch to cut out the centers for my cups. These are two different sets...

See the little cups I found? Perfect for putting goodies in! Plus, they seal! There was 10 to a package for a buck!

I covered each cup in a ribbon. The original covered theirs in DP, but I liked the ribbon.

So here is what the final product will look like! It isn't glued down yet, I'm waiting for some of that red tape to arrive in the mail to finish them off. I wanted something strong to hold them all down and didn't think my mono would do it! The cups are secured to the squares with a large glue dot. Those hold everything!!
After seeing it, I think that I shall redo the numbers in black. Will make it pop a little more. The words and the numbers are all embossed...

Ok, so, if I went with original ingredients, here is the breakdown in price: Metal Cups: 47.76, canvas 21.99, solid paper, 1.00, decorated paper 4.00, which comes to 74.75 That is for one of these little puppies!
My cost: Plastic cups: 8.00, Canvas 12.00, solid paper, 2.00, decorated paper: 8.00 Which comes to 30 dollars!! And that is for all 3!!
So how do you think I did??

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Make N Takes

Saturday, I went to a local craft store and they were having customer appreciation days... Well, while there, you got to make some make n takes. I did three of them, and this is what we did.
I really liked the top card, loved the colors. They didn't have a stamp or anything for the saying, they just wrote it in "blue" felt-tip. Not gonna happen on my card, so I left it blank. It was a new thing for me, to completely cover a blank card in DP. But, it turned out fine, and I didn't break down or anything! (smile)
This one I changed a little bit from theirs, the card was really large too, but I like the color combo here too...

this one was showing the cuttlebug, doing embossing and cutting. It was fun to do too. So that is what I made!

Here's a pic of my boys on Jade's B-day. Little brother humor before blowing out the candles! Too bad they are getting so big so fast! Hate it, but wouldn't have it any other way!
Have a great stampin day!!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Son's B-day Today! & Dasher Shares

I have to start out the post, wishing my son, Jade, a happy birthday today! He is a whopping 13 years old! He is very excited to be a teenager, and the house made a big bang last night, ushering in a teenager into the home...

I'm getting ready to start out the Christmas Cards. Not my favorite thing to do. I wished that we all sent out 100 cards at Halloweener time. Now those cards are fun to make! Oh well. Someday maybe?
So I'm starting my Christmas Cards, and this year, I decided to use the "in Colors" from SU. Shouldn't be to hard right? Well, I also paired them with Old Olive, to put some green in there too. So here are 4 of my designs I think that I will use. Yep, they are all Dasher. I really liked him. I think its something about his antlers. Anyways, top card, uses the Suede, and Old Olive. I used some DP... its certainly celery, but it looks like snowflakes to me.
This card uses the Dusty Durango. I stamped his antlers all over the Suede for the texture. All of the Dashers are also embossed. I figured it was time to get the heat gun out. (smile)

I like this one. Maybe because I like yellow- a lot! But it seems more cheerful to me. Since I didn't use traditional Christmas colors... (Hubby would die, if I decorated the tree in yellow!)

Then here is the Melon one. I used silver paper and embossed in silver. I don't have the poinsettia used this one instead. Also, I am afraid to cut my template to make it do what I want it to do... so you just have to pretend that those are Christmas flowers!
I have a few more designs in mind... so will be back tomorrow or the next day to share some more.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Quick Quick Post!

Just poppin in to let you know about a deal I just found.
You probably already know about it, but hey... a deal is a deal.
I just learned that the "roberts" craft stores, now carry
Nestablilities! I was very excited. I have looked all over for these
where I could afford them.... found some in clearance things,
these are not badly priced, if you use your 40 or 50 percent off
coupon. They are regularly priced at 29... but 40 off makes them
16. Not too bad.
Just thought I'd let you know!

Its now off to Nana Day!!


Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Envelope Cards

I joined in a challenge to use envelopes for the cards. The one where you cut the top of the envie off and crimp the bottom of the envie so it fits into the top part? Ok, so here is what I did. The top card I had to use my new little belt stamp. I love it! It comes with 4 different buckles, so I of course, I had to use one. The flourish is SU's.
This one was the stamp of the month from CTMH. I LOVE dandilions, so I had to get it. I don't know what it is about the little flower, but I like them. I remember once, I was really little, no younger brother, so I was less than six. I was out swinging on the swings, pretending I was an Indian Maiden...I hair was swinging, I was wishing it was black instead of red/brown, when out of the corner of my eye, I spyed something yellow. What? I ran over and picked it up. It was a perfectly round, little yellow flower. How could that be? We had 3 acres of lawn, that my dad hand picked over every minute he wasn't in our garden. Hmmm, I looked really hard and came up with another flower! I ran all over that big yard picking up yellow flowers. I made me a crown! Pretty soon it was time to come in for lunch and my dad came home from work for lunch.
We sat down at the table, and I guess, I was a little yellow in color. My dad got a terrible look on his face and said, something to the effect of: well, it can't be repeated here. Well. I guess the look on my face was just as bad, because by then I was crying and my mom had to tell my dad how much fun I had had that morning. Needless to say, there were no more little yellow flowers at my house after that. Maybe that is why I like them so much!

Monday, October 5, 2009

Green/Black/Purple Challenge

My challenge was to use green, black and purple to make a card. So, when I hear those colors, I immediately think, Halloween! What else it purple, green and black?? So, I had to use the little spooky house, with the greeting. I found this designer paper, guess where? In my fantastic little bag of goodies I won from the fair!
It is stripy on one side, words on the other, and it is black and green! Perfect! So, I cut me out a piece and then triangled it on the paper, centered my spooky house, and there you go!
(I masked my moon, and then sponged color on the spooky house...I stamped it on white)

Hope you like!