Sunday, February 27, 2011

Card Swaps

I went to a scrapbook crop the other day. All day. And while I was there, I made some cards for a swap I am in. Here is the first one I did, its for a monkey swap.
This one is for my hippo swap. I know, same hippo, but she is soooo cute! I gathered ribbon on the side for fun.
This is for the dog swap. Don't you just love the woofie snoopies!!!
This is for the reptile swap. I have a bunch of alcohol inks and they are evaporating. Imagine that. So, I thought I would use some. The picture doesn't do it really well, but the chipboard is all covered in the alcohol ink.
Hope you like!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Soooo Non-stamping related!!

Ok, so I have something to share, but it is not stamping related at all! You see, it has to do with my couch. Yep, my beloved couch. Here is a picture of my poor worn out "little" thing. Only, she's not so little. My couch was over 10 feet long. They don't make them like that anymore. She was also very sturdy, but, alas, over 42 years that I know of, kids jumping over, using cushions for play houses, she just kinda is wearing out.
See the fraying on the seats? See the tops of all the back pillows? She had a very good life. She was once my parents. Then, they got a new couch set, and like that, I got my first matching couch ever! My couch came from the DI, for 5 dollars, and I was very, very happy to see that thing go. (It was orange!) This girl here, had a sister. We lost her in a flood though. :( So.
My parents were thinking about a new couch set....
Hubby said, OH NO! I am not getting another hand me down couch. (He really loves this one... he spends a lot of nights on it. hee, hee)
So, off we went to the couch store. Mind you, we've been doing this for over 3 years. We just cannot agree on a couch. He wants leather, I wanted quilted. Dang. So, in we go.
They had this one there. I knew Hubby loved it. Me, not so much. I really had my heart set on the quilted yellow floral print, but I knew that wasn't ever gonna happen in this lifetime. SO... I did the unthinkable. I actually agreed with my Hubby on something! (imagine!) We got to bring him home. He's chocolate and carmel leather, and the pillows are green paisley. OK!!
Look. He even had a little brother!!
This is my first NEW couch set since I have been married. (that 18 1/2years for you who don't know...) So, I am very excited. It fits the house perfectly!
I called my parents to tell them. Mom says, what have you been doing? I said, Oh, just moving furniture. Mom say, Keers, remember what you told me is wrong with people who move furniture all the time? I said, Yep. They are sexually frustrated. But mom I say. This is new furniture. She started screaming in my ear! Yep, happy day. Then she starts giggling, your husband she says, he really didn't want our old couch did he! :)
Hope you like!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day! I thought I would share my flowers with you!! My hubby found me purple Daisies! Plus, don't forget my carnations. Love them carnations.
Then, I made this layout of my two sons. I started with a 6 X 6. It is one I got to do at scrapbook class, we modified it a bit by changing papers and things, for the crop. Then, I made another one of them and turned it upside down and put them both on a 12 X 12.
So here is one of the 6 X 6's up close. This is the one I turned upside down.
Here's the second one, it is right side up.
This is the one for the crop. Its what I got to put together for the crop, along with the Love Potion!
Hope you like! And Happy Valentines Day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Love Potion No. 9

Over at ETM, we are having a crop on Sat. 19th. I am excited for this crop, because I got to design one of the projects we are doing!
You know I love little bottles, and so, I made a double bottle holder, with the Love Potion no. 9!
Here is the one that we will be doing at the crop.
Here was my prototype! This one has SU papers, as I didn't have my papers from ETM yet. So I had to make due! Anyways, I think that they both turned out pretty cute!
Hope you like!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Military Chipboard Albums

Well, I got to busy the other day, and made some Military Albums. They are chipboard, that I covered with Stampin UP and Bazzil textured paper. I tied them together with Military blousing. I had no idea what that was. But I was in the Army Surplus store the other day and looking through all the little fun things they had, and there was these blousing things.
The lady at the store said they are for holding the pants down around the boots. You know how you always see the soldiers have the bloused out pants at the boot. Now I know why!
Plus, while I was there, I found some military Dog Tags. Thought that would go well on there too...
So, here are the 4 albums I made.
Air force
Hope you like my albums! I have them on ebay if interested!! Look under Military Album.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Stamp Class Share

I got to go to stamp class the other night.  I thought I would share the cards and things we made.
This is the first, its a tag card, we stamped on designer paper, then used a blender pen and chalks to color in the flowers.
 Here's the goodie card.  I kinda rearranged mine a little.  I love the bright cheery colors.
 Here is the 6 X 6 page that we made.  We made it for Valentines of course!  We used the triple heart punch.

Hope you like!