Friday, December 21, 2012

New Babies

For Mother's Day this year, I bought myself two Society Finches.  I had them in a little pen and it is very difficult to tell whether they are female or male.  But I assumed, and I named them Millie and Mo.  Mo has a very distinct haircut, (that looks like the three stooges Mo's haircut)
Well, they really were Millie and Mo and pretty soon I had 3 babies!!!
Those babies are pretty big now and Darla went to live at Nana's house and is now "married" to her Finch, Typewriter.  
But I just had new babies!!!!
Here they are peeking out of their nest..
 See them hunkered down hoping we don't see them.  Two have the distinct "Mo" haircuts, and the third is slick headed.
 Here are the Parents, and the older brother and sister... From 12 o'clock, that is Mia, HE, has a Mo haircut like his daddy.  Mo is at 3 o'clock, Millie the Momma is at 6 o'clock and Spanky, SHE is at 9 o'clock.
 Here's sweet Millie...
 The daddy Mo.  Isn't his hair the best?  I love it!
 Here are two of the first offspring.... Mia and Spanky
 Here are the new babies when they were about 7 days old.
 Here they are hunkering down hoping we don't see them, they are almost 2 weeks old.  Two have "Mo" haircuts, and one is slick headed again.
 This is a picture of the first batch, you can see Mia on the left, and Darla is on the right.  See her little gullet full of seeds?  She was such a piggy.  Now she lives somewhere else, but I get to see her weekly.
 The original three babies, Mia, Darla and Spanky.
That's what's been keeping me company as I scrapbook.  I will share some of that later, but thought you would like to see what fun I've been having with them!

Monday, November 12, 2012

I was asked over at Express the Moment to design their Page of the Month Kits.  Its a 2 page 12 by 12 layout.  It includes everything and then some to make the layout.  So here was my first layout... It obviously is for the month of October.  I added pictures so people could see where to put them....

 Sorry this is so small... but here is my page kit for the month of November.  I put blanks were the pictures are to go.  This kit is also a 2 page 12 by 12 layout.  The brown paper is shimmery.  It is a pretty cool paper.
Hope you like!

Friday, October 12, 2012

I'm Back!!! Its Halloween Time!!

Yeah!  I'm back.  I hopefully am forever done with radiation.  That...kicked my rear end.  I do not wish that on anyone.  But, I am ok now, just trying to get my thyroid meds regulated.  It looks like that may take a while, but meantime..
Halloween is coming!!  My favorite time of the year.  Everyone is making these cute little princess shoes, well, I made my own pattern and made Halloween Witch's Boots!  You like??
 I made 12...I am going to a scrapbook crop the end of this month and these are going on the tables for centerpieces.   Going to fill them with candy.
 Here is my first one I made for me.  I added an extra toe piece to make it point up.
 For the same crop, I made these tags that are going to be attached to a brown paper bag and filled with popcorn.

 And witch's brooms!  These are made with purple licorice.
 Here's a closeup of the broom.  I made a total of 75 of them!!
Hope you like!!

Monday, July 30, 2012

Monthly Journal and Goofy Kid!

This would be my youngest.  Those were the hats they wore to go down to the water front at Treasure Mountain Scout Camp.  He had a wonderful time and earned 11 merit badges.
 So, I was able to finish my three next months of monthly journal.  Its the second installment.  I totally redid July.  I thought it should be with stars and stripes, so here is my version.
 Here's my August.  The blue is the pocket and the other blue is a photo place.  Mine of course is still different than the original.
 Here's September.  The back of the paper had these cool glasses and sneakers.  Just what you want for school, so I redid this layout also.  The original layouts are at ETM.  You can check hers out if you want to.  the open space on the right, is for a photo too.
Hope you like!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Hello.  I've been gone for a while.  With good reason though.  I have been busy though.  I made these little boxes of chocolates for my neighbors who have been bringing my family food...
 I copied the design of the little flowers from the SU catalog.  It was just too dang cute not to.
 So here you can see the box before I get the chocolates in them...
When I'm done, I am going to stamp a saying that says, So Grateful in the centers.... just no pic yet...
 a few more...
 I've been making these when I get a chance.  You see, earlier this summer, I got diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer.  The good thing is that it is totally treatable.  You just have moments when you don't think that it is.  I have learned that it is going to take a good while before I feel like me again.  Shoot.  But first I had to have surgery to remove the dang cancer.
 Here's my new neck smile.  I am so swollen, that I have wrinkles in my neck.  The doc said that the incision was only 1.5 inches long.... um, I think I am taking a ruler to the doc appointment to show him what 4+ inches looks like.
I'm very tired...not sleepy, tired.  But its because I don't have the right meds for my thyroid yet.  I am on a low iodine diet for several weeks, awaiting my iodine radiation therapy.  So, we shall see what happens next in this adventure...
On a funny note, my friend told me that after I am radiated, that I need to go to the airport through security so I turn on the alarms.  He said I should just run through them a couple of times.  Yeah.  I'm thinking about it!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Birdie recipe binder with rose ribbon

I made a new recipe binder.  This one just has pockets in it, and I decorated the pockets.  That way you can put in recipes you print off of the internet or ones that people give to you.  It also gives you the option of making 5 1/2 by 8 1/2 inch recipes and putting them in the clips.
I didn't label them, I left that for the owner to do...
Here's page one..
 page 2
 page 3
 page 4
 page 5
 page 6
 Here is the front of the binder
 the side seam
 and the back of the binder...
hope you like!

Friday, April 13, 2012

Finding Good Journal

Over at Express the Moment, they have a new kit. It is a Finding Good Journal. Each quarter you receive 3 two page layouts, each having a pocket in them. For the first time you sign up you also get a scrapbook, and a finding good journaling notebook to use.
So, I journal every Sunday. It helps me to remember what when on during the week and it is helpful to use if you need it to figure out when exactly something happened. So I thought this project would be a great one for me to do. (plus, I asked her to do them! :P)
I went ahead and got the kit. It started with the book, the front page and then April, May and June. The next installment isn't until July of course. It was really nice, it came with color copies of what the layouts looked like and instructions.
I threw those away. :)
I love the challenge of using what I get, and coming up with my own idea. So here's mine!
This is the cover page...
This is April...
Hope you like mine!! Hop over to ETM and check out what they have!