Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sneak Peak Revealed!

Ok. Be prepared to use lots of adhesive...
Here is one of the letters I cut out of chipboard. First I make a pattern on typing paper. When I get it to look the way I want, with the letters overlapping, but readable, I transfer my pattern to the chipboard. I cut my chipboard 6 inches by 12. Not all chipboard is 12 inches, so I use the shorter pieces for the smaller letters. I want my finished album to be 12 inches long. This M is the last letter of the album. I cut the chipboard with Kia Scissors. It takes time, but I haven't found anything else that will cut it.

Then, I copy the patterns on my decorative papers. This one, is white on white. SO all the letters were covered in Textured White, then I added embossed and glittered dp to them. Some people find it easier to glue the paper to the letter, then cut out with an exacto knife, but I find it faster to cut with scissors, then glue.

Here is where I added the textured, embossed and glitter paper.
I found that I could send a sheet through my cuttlebug with the texture plates, just overlap a titch and I could send a whole 6 by 12 sheet through.

I punched a little girl, because this book is for a little girl. I sponged colors on then, and then added rhinestones and organdy ribbons. I tied the sides with lots of organdy ribbons, some had glitter on it to tie in the glitter panels.

Here is my finished book! I hope that you like it. If it was for me, I probably would have left it white on white, but the client wanted it done in pastel colors...
I guess she really liked it, because she ordered 2 more!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Sneak Peek!

Ok, I'm giving you a sneak peek! I'm working away!
Decorative paper, glitter paper....paper I embossed.
Add them to the above pile of chipboard I cut out myself.
Put it all together and you will come up with something swell!!
Stay tuned til tomorrow and I will show you the finished product!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

My Kids are the Flowers in my Garden

Here's the last album I made. It is simpler. It is 6 by 6. The decorative paper is scored 1/2 inch from the top. That is where you tac it down to the base. I embellished my front with a crocheted flower. The ribbon goes all around the pictures in the center.
When you undo the ribbon, and open the first page, it pulls out to reveal 6 photos.

The other side has 4 photos.

When you lift the whole thing up, because you only tac'd it on the top, you can add your journaling inside the album. Quick and Cute!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

2nd Pop Up Album

Hi. This is the second album that I made. It's dimensions are 4 1/4 by 4 1/4th. It is made with three sheets of 81/2 inch cardstock. I made a belt for this one too, to keep it closed.
For this one, I kept the photo's square, the last one, I did on the diagonal. I used a trip to Las Vegas for this one. It's Hunter's book.

I thought it turned out pretty well. I just used corners to embellish this one.
Have a Happy Day!

Friday, September 25, 2009

Pop Up Album

Remember those pop up albums we did a long time ago? Some of you called them explosion albums.. well, a neighbor asked me to make a couple sample ones to show around to see if she can get a class together so she can make one. She wanted different sizes and such. SO, this one is made from a 12 by 12. The pages are 6 by 6. I wanted something to keep it closed, so I came up with the buckle on here. It is made from the tab punch. The belt part just slides through.
I did this one on the diagonal. So all of the pictures are triangular. I used a flower punch to accent with the blue designer paper. Some of the flowers I punched, I punched out of photos.

I know you can't see, because its too far away for you, but the corner photo, has two white flowers punched...they are punched of the butterfly display. They had all these cocoons hanging in a case, labeled, and you could watch butterflies emerge. Really cool, so I punched flowers out them and they are all over the pages...

The backside...

And the end of it. Tomorrow, I will show one of the other ones that I made. It is a smaller and done differently.
I struggled with what photos to use for this, and when I was in the photo box, here was a big packet of zoo trip photos. I thought, why not? I think that it turned out pretty well, there isn't a whole lot of journaling, but then, we are at the zoo.... I left room to make pockets and pull outs on things, if I wanted to add journaling later.
This one was made for Jade, and he is quite the happy man about it!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Sorry I'm MIA

Just a post to let you know, I'm still out here. However, I am temporarily unavailable!
I'm sick and will get back to you when I create something other than used tissues...

Friday, September 18, 2009

Quick Post!!

This is an old stamp, but I thought he was such a nice one. The problem is, they never look as pretty as they do on the wood!
Here, I tried using markers and coloring in the sections. Its nice because you can see the leaves, kinda makes it more like you can see what is happening in the picture.

Here I did it in black, and then colored in. It looks better huh... I think, maybe I will try it again, in grey, and color in... I just can't make it look right.
That bums me out too, because I have to get started on the Christmas Cards!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

What I won!! plus, neat little store I found

Remember I entered items in the fair?? Well, one of the items I entered into a seperate contest, it was a paper contest. I entered my calendar. I got third place and when I went to pick it up, this was my prize!
That was soooo much fun to go through my prize! I got cardstock, cardstock from Creative Memories, Halloween Designer paper from SU, SU vellum pack, SU glitter in red and orange, a SU stamp set, SU ribbon bundle, Stazon Stamp pad, a chalk stamp pad, A Scrapbook Kit from Paperworks...and stickers, cards, punchouts, glue... it was so cool!! I had to share!
Plus, I found a cool little store for some of you. I really like ribbon, and sometimes it is really expensive. Well, this store takes care of that, they are really, really well priced, and they match SU papers and colors, if that is for you! I am doing a whole bunch of Christmas cards and needed a lot of ribbon, and cheap...I was matching with "in-colors" and we did it while I was at the store, so here is the "in-colors" list for you, but they have the other SU colors list there...
Crushed Curry-matches with Yellow
Soft Suede -matches with brown, and a touch darker is mud pie
Dusty Durango- matches with creamsicle
Melon Mamob- matches with shock pink
Rich Razzleberry- matches with festive fuschia
Bermuda Bay- matches with aqua
Their shipping is inexpensive too...have a look see!
Go for a visit, here, I am sure that you will be pleased!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Outside my house, and Crochet Flowers

It was such a pretty evening. Too bad that your camera never pictures it the way that your eyes do. Here is a picture as the sun is going down, it was real calm and everything was just bursting in different shades of green.
Here is the back corner of my house, that little nook in there is my favorite. My hubby is ruining it for me though. He has a hot tub sneaked back in that corner. Not hooked up of course...but there none the less. I thought the way the sun hit the trees was pretty. They are going into Fall colors right now, so this will be the last of the green...

Hey. How do you like this flower?? It is about 1 1/2 inches big. I have been seeing all of these crocheted flowers around and I remember making these when I was a kid. I thought it turned out well with the smaller thread...

This is what I made it on. Anyone remember these??

Here are some that I made by crocheting. It was hard, because I don't do well with patterns, I kinda make my own up. I visited a lot of "how to's" on Utube... but none of them worked for me, so this is my own pattern.
Here's what I did...
I chained 5, connected.
Then, in the center, I did 18 double stitches, and connect.
Chain up 3, connect it into the third over stitch, with a single crochet. Chain up 3 again, and go around the circle. You should get 6 little holes.
In each hole. Single crochet once, then 5 double crochets and single again. Move to the next hole, and repeat. When you have done all 6 holes. Connect and cut thread.
Hope that makes sense!!
Erased my siggy. :(

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This and That

Good Morning to you! I have a couple of shares today. I joined a swap a while ago, where you had to make inchies and mail them to a partner, then you had to make a card with some of the inchies, and mail it back to your partner. So, my partner sent me these little pink flowers with rhinestones on them. They are embossed, and really pretty. So I set them up on this card. It is mounted on Gable Green, then Black, then Pos. Pink, all textured. I stamped the swirl from Baroque Motifs and then put some rhinestones on the swirls. I think it turned out pretty well, hope she likes it!
This card...hmm, I guess I'm showing you, so that you know I was busy. But busy doing what? It is the chalkboard technique. Its a really old SU set I dug out. It isn't cherries, but I wanted it to look like it was, instead, it looks like a really dumb Christmas card. There is green below the red panel, the darn scanner cuts off the bottoms. (does anyone else's scanner do this??)

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Chubby Witch!!

I went to a stamp store the other day, that has been closed for a while. How did I do that? Well, I know the lady who owns the store. Her hubby passed away in 2003, and she closed the doors to her stamp store when he passed. She opens it on occasions, and when people call her and make an appointment. SO, that is what I did.
Now, she has some really old things in there, stamps from companies that have gone the wayside. This happens to be one of those stamps, from Mostly Animals, which, is no longer a running company. So, while I was browsing her store, I came across this little chubby witch! I started giggling in the store. SO, if a stamp can make you giggle, You Must Buy It! This is my motto. She was so cute. Her hand is empty, so she can hold a saying, a cauldron, anything! I chose a pumpkin... and my words below her are from Provo Craft, about 11 years ago! But, the saying fit... colored leaves, witches, pumpkins, bats...
I popped the bat up in the corner and bent his wings forward.
Anyways, I hope that you think she is as cute as I do..
(picture her riding a broom!!)
Hee, hee!!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Now Dasher...

I have loved seeing every one's cards made with Dasher. SO, when I placed an order the other day, I got him! He is very cute and I have wanted a reindeer for a while, and he seems to fit what I need him for!
In this card, I stamped him on vellum, and embossed him in clear. Then I cut a white page, the same size as the vellum and stamped the trees, then I masked off the bottom and sponged blue all over the card, using my cloud stencil I made. (I used shrink plastic, cut a cloud pattern, and magico...cloud stencil) Then I stamped some of the spots from the Branch Out set from SU, I stamped them random and let the color fade.
Last, I stamped the Merry Christmas from the Cardinal set.
I cut out corners from suede paper and mounted them in the corners...for more layering, texture.
Hope you like!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Cat Book

I have a girlfriend who got a hairless cat for Christmas. I know, I know, it sounds terrible. But you really have to meet Elvis, before you judge a hairless cat! He really is the sweetest thing, and he feels like velvet. Very different looking, but I love him! Anyways... she loves Victorian type of things and I wanted to make a book for her for her cat. So, this is what I came up with. This is the book closed.
here is the inside the i-c The bottom is all embossed with glitters in the embossing, the heart is glitter paper/brown. The lace is from Martha Steward, it is just antiqued.

Here is inside the C-A I like this one. There is the embossed corners and then the gold dots all over it are also gold glitter embossed.

She also loves words, so inside the A_T pages I found some paper that had fairy tales written all over it. The bottom of the T is embossed with green/brown glitter. I forgot to take a pic of the back, it is done in scrollie reds and creams.
She was very happy to get it!! (Yeah!!) I also included a bunch of corners for the photos that were scrolled and embossed. I had some big scroll elements to put on the pages too.
Hope you like!!