Monday, May 27, 2013

Treats for Retreat

Over at Express the Moment, they had a spring retreat.  I got to make a couple of the treats for them
It started out with these cute little sixlets!  
 And then I put them into clear bags, sealed them and made some little tags to go around them.
 Lastly, I did a little flower punch to tie it all off.
 Then I did these treat bags, they are filled with skittles.  I made little tags for them, and tied them with ribbon and bakers twine.
 I did them in three colors...
Hope you like!

Sunday, May 12, 2013

 A couple of months ago, I went to a scrapbook crop.  We each got wooden letters spelling out family.  We chose our own papers, and most everyone there stained their wood deep brown.
I decided to make these for my mom, but she is not into the dark colors, so I took mine home and painted them white.
 Here is some closeups of the letters.

 and an even tighter closeup so you can see the mini buttons!
Hope you like!

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Baby Banners

It's baby banner time!  Not for me though.  These are for a lady who makes baby diaper cakes.  She wanted something to help promote her business and she asked me to make some banners for her.  This is my first one, and first banner I ever made!
 I love the little clothes idea, and I had a thing full of little clothes pins that went perfect with them
 I used Zelda Letters from Quickutz.
 I also used the round scallops die from spellbinders.
 The patterns were mine, from my head. :)

 Do you love the baby buttons?

 This second banner is a little more traditional... and yes, I know the letters are spelled wrong on the end, but  I redid them and they are right, but didn't get a pic of them before I sent them to her.
 Here's the letters up close.
 The black and white dots are not brads.  They are half circles, found in the plant section of the craft stores.  they come in every color...

 The letters are Tangerine from Quickutz.

It was fun making it, Hope you like it!

Monday, March 4, 2013

Recipe Time!

I've been creating recipe layouts and some recipes!  Some I got from others, but some are my own!
This one is a sneak peak of the April Recipe Layout for Express the Moment.  I got a new die for my cuttlebug and thought it would be great for this one.  Do you like the pinwheel???
 This recipe came from my mom's neighbor.  After you make cake with pie filling, you will never want to eat just plain cake again.  I had fun lacing this one.
 This is another sneak peek at April...but when I saw the alphabet paper, I just had to share my alphabet soup recipe.  I have never been  able to find alphabet pasta in the pasta section.  But, in my town, if you go to the Mexican food section, they have it there...
 These sliders are my families favorite and are sooooo easy to make.  I always keep these ingredients on hand so that when its time for dinner and I've been busy throughout the day, I can make something filling and something hot they love.
 This recipe is my friends.  She also designs for ETM.  I re-designed them to make them my own.  So here is the first one for Cheesy Bread.
 I re-did the Lasagna Soup...
 This one was kinda hard to re-do because the paper was already cut in the chevrons.  But I only used 3 of them so you could see the paper behind, and I did two twines...
 I used the leftover twine and the leftover chevron for this layout.  I punched hearts from the leftover pink paper that I trimmed from the recipe.  Not my favorite layout, but not bad using what I had.
Hope you like.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Mandarin Oranges

I love canning.  So the other day I saw where you can can your own Mandarin Oranges.
Yippee.  So, it was closer to Christmas time and there is always an abundance of mandarin's then, so I 
got a couple boxes of them to try. 
 So easy!  Now, when we make Mandarin Orange Salad... I can use the ones I canned!
 What's Mandarin Orange salad?  I pkg cook lemon pudding, 1 pkg orange jello.  Make each separately then blend them together when pudding is cool.  You can fold the oranges in to the jello mixture, or we set ours then top with whip cream and then put all the oranges on the top.  Families favorite salad of all time!

Hope you like!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bottle Treats

I got these cute little bottles from a bulk buy last year.  They have a cap you can seal and everything.  The only problem was I didn't know what to put in them.  They are kinda big for M&M's, but not big enough for large chunky things.  So they've been sitting in my stash, just waiting...
 Then I was over at a friends house, she was making 3-2-1 cake.  What's that??
 Well, you mix a plain cake mix with a angel food cake mix.  Take 3 tablespoons of the mix and put it in your mug, then 2 tablespoons of water and microwave for 1 minute.  3-2-1
 5 servings fit in my jars!!  So I made some for a valentine treat for a couple of friends and then I made a couple for Birthday presents for several other friends!
 I found some adorable cupcake wine charms.  I should have bought all they had.  But, I can only have a stash so big you know.
 I wrapped ribbon around the jar first, then put the little headers on them, then tied the jar lid with a ribbon and the charm with a tag and directions.

Hope you like!